MemberLouise Revell

I am a specialist in the archaeology of Rome’s western provinces, and in provincial architecture in particular. I am interested on the impact of empire on the peoples of the provinces, and how it altered the routines of their daily lives. I have also pioneered approaches to the social archaeology of the western provinces, in particular gender and age. I am currently working on religious architecture in Roman Britain.

MemberJacquelyn Clements

I’m currently a Metadata Assistant at the Getty Research Institute, where I work on digital humanities projects related to the Getty Provenance Index (GPI) remodel. This includes the standardization and reconciliation of data from the GPI as we transition to a Linked Open Data model, which will virtually unite millions of records pertinent to the study of the history of collecting, provenance, and the art market. Through data cleaning and management, I help facilitate art historical research both now and for the future. My current project assists in the production and publication of data related to the German Sales II Project (1900-1929). My academic interests range from the topography, sculpture, and vase painting of Classical Greece – I wrote my dissertation on Athenian autochthony and identity during the Peloponnesian War – to research pertaining to the provenance of Greek and Roman antiquities and the history of travel, collecting, and display of works of ancient art.

MemberErika Graham-Goering

I study the aristocracy of late medieval France, focusing on political and social ideologies in relation to practice. My research focuses primarily on administrative and legal records, but explores these through a variety of approaches, including close textual readings, quantitative analysis, and linguistic studies. From September 2016, I have been looking at seigneuries in the provinces of Normandy and Languedoc in the fourteenth century as part of a comparative study across France, the Low Countries, and England.

MemberJacob Currie

I am a medievalist, Latinist, and legal historian. I grew up in Toronto and studied classical and medieval languages there before moving to Trinity College, Cambridge for a master’s and doctorate in medieval legal history. After leaving Cambridge, I worked at Oxford, largely on English medieval manuscript provenance. Since then I have been a research fellow at the Institut de recherche et d’histoire des textes, Paris (part of the CNRS).

MemberPaulo Vitor Airaghi

He is interested in Brazilian Republicanism and Republican Propaganda in Brazil’s XXth siècle. For his M.A work at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Paulo wrote a biography of a brazilian republican named José Leão Ferreira Souto (1850-1904) inquiring about the creation of a potyguar (related to people born in the Province/State of Rio Grande do Norte) identity in the turn of XIXth to XX Siècle. He is especially interested in obscure republicans and defeated political projects. Currently, he is a Phd. Student at UFRN and a Researcher at Grupo de Pesquisa Os Espaços na Modernidade. 

MemberDaniel Diffendale

Classical archaeologist studying cult places in the context of local and regional political developments, with a particular interest in the 1st millennium BCE central Mediterranean. I am currently working on the architectural and ritual development of the sanctuary of Fortuna and Mater Matuta in Rome’s Forum Boarium during the Middle Republic, based on my recently completed dissertation titled “The Roman Middle Republic at Sant’Omobono.”