MemberOliver Dietrich

…ăi, Alexandra Ţârlea, Cristian Micu (Hrsg.), Din preistoria Dunării de Jos. 50 de ani de la începutul cercetărilor arheologice la Babadag (1962-2012) – Actele conferinţei „Lower Danube Prehistory. 50 years of excavations at Babadag”, Tulcea, 20-22 septembrie 2012. Brăila: Editura Istros (2013), 169-184.

036. Oliver Dietrich, Laura Dietrich, Tüllenhämmer als funktionale Besta…

I am a Berlin-based prehistoric archaeologist involved in research projects between the Carpathian Basin and the Near East, with a focus on the Neolithic and Bronze Age. My research interests include the archaeology of religion and cult, metallurgy, agents of craft in prehistory, and distribution modes of prehistoric innovations.

MemberFrancesco Iacono

I joined the Department of History, Culture and Civilization of the University of Bologna after winning the “Montalcini” program against the so-called “brain-drain” and after a long period of research at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research at the University of Cambridge (first with a fellowship from the Institute for Aegean Prehistory and then with a Marie Slodowska Curie IF). Previously, I had earned a Ph.D. at the Institute of Archeology, University College London, funded by the AHRC and the British School at Athens. My research interests range from prehistory and archeology of the Mediterranean (with particular attention to the Bronze Age), to social theory (in particular Marxist archeology) to the use of applications based on graph-theory, to cultural heritage studies (with specific attention to the so-called “difficult heritage”), and, finally, the history of the archaeological thought.

MemberStefanie Samida

…1993–1999: Studies in Prehistory, Classical Archaeology and Medieval History at Tübingen and Kiel University (degree: Magister Artium)

1999–2001: Media Studies in Tübingen (degree: Diplom)

2005: Doctorate (PhD) in Tübingen

2016: Habilitated at Zurich University…

Since 2017 I am associate professor of popular cultures at Zurich University and currently research associate at Heidelberg University. Before: different positions at German universities, e.g. one of three principal investigators in the research project „Living history: reenacted prehistory between research and popular performance“ at the Leibniz Centre of Contemporary History Potsdam, junior research group leader at the Heidelberg School of Education and research fellow at the International Research Center for Cultural Studies (IFK) in Vienna. My research interests include heritage studies, material culture studies, public history, popular cultures and history of media and science.

MemberBruce Buchan

Bruce is an intellectual historian whose work traces the entanglement of European political thought with the experience of empire and colonisation, focussing on the Early Modern and Enlightenment periods. Bruce’s research seeks an understanding of concepts by bringing different fields of historical enquiry into productive conversation, most notably colonial history, histories of sound and noise, the history of science and medicine, and the history of ideas and political thought. His previous research on European perceptions of Indigenous government, the conceptual history of asymmetric warfare, and the meanings of civility, savagery and civilisation have appeared in a wide range of journals. Bruce’s research has been supported by a competitively awarded Discovery grants and a Future Fellowship from the Australian Research Council. His current research (with Linda Andersson Burnett) focusses on the conceptual prehistory of race in the teaching of medicine and moral philosophy, and in colonial travel during the Scottish Enlightenment.

MemberKirsty Millican

I completed my PhD from the University of Glasgow titled ‘Contextualising the Cropmark Record: The timber monuments of Neolithic Scotland’ in 2009. From 2009-10 I held a short-term lectureship at the University of of Aberdeen and from 2010 have worked for Historic Environment Scotland. I am currently Aerial Survey Projects Manager at Historic Environment Scotland and Affiliate Researcher (Archaeology) at the University of Glasgow. I am co-director of the Lochbrow Landscape Project, an archaeological survey project investigating the sites and landscapes at and around Lochbrow in Dumfries and Galloway. My research interests include the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age of Scotland, timber monumentality and the use of wood to build monuments, aerial archaeology and the interpretation of cropmarks, relationships between humans and the environment in prehistory, landscape archaeology and the integration of experiential and GIS approaches. My publications cover themes of Neolithic Scotland, cropmark archaeology, experiential and landscape archaeology.

MemberCarlos Rodríguez Rellán

…PhD in Prehistory at the Santiago de Compostela University (Spain)….

Specialist in Lithic Industry, Experimental Archaeology and Late Prehistory Rock Art. My most recent research interests are Geographic Information Systems (GRASS GIS), Statistics (R), Agent-Based Modeling (NetLogo) and their application in Archaeology. Postdoctoral researcher at the GEPN-AAT, Santiago de Compostela University (Spain). Fernand Braudel-IFER Scholar (2015) –Foundation Maison des Sciences de l’homme (Paris, France)–  at the Laboratoire de Recherches Archéologiques, CNRS (UMR 6566) and at the Université de Nantes. Fulbright Visiting Scholar (2012-2014) at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change and at the Center for Social Dynamics & Complexity (Arizona State University, USA).