MemberPaula Curtis

I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Council on East Asian Studies of Yale University. My research focuses on cross-status socioeconomic networks based on documentary forgery production during Japan’s late medieval era, particularly the late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. I am also interested in digital humanities and the use of digital tools to analyze premodern historical sources.

MemberCynthia Gabbay

Dr. Cynthia Gabbay holds a PhD (2012) in Romanic and Latin American Studies from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her book Los ríos metafísicos de Julio Cortázar: de la lírica al diálogo was published in 2015. A manuscript on Street Art in Buenos Aires: Symbols of a Revolution, resulting from a fellowship from The Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is in preparation. She completed a second postdoctoral research on comparative literature at the University of Haifa and actually she is in postdoctoral research at The Elyachar Center at Ben Gurion University. She is also a research associate at the European Research Council’s project “Apartheid–The Global Itinerary: South African Cultural Formations in Transnational Circulation, 1948-1990” directed by Dr. Louise Bethlehem. Further research interests are studies on intertextuality and architextuality, Latin American modern poetry and literature, converso literature in the Spanish colonies, political art, anarchist phenomena, semiotics and metafiction.