MemberDarrell Baksh

…“Jep Sting Radica with Rum and Roti: Trinidadian Social Dynamics in Chutney Music,” Popular Music and Society 37.2 (2014): 152-168. Print….

Caribbean popular music culture, Indo-Caribbean popular culture, Caribbean Carnival culture, Caribbean cultural studies, Indo-Caribbean diaspora, cultural identity, remix culture, remix theory, hybridity

MemberK. E. Goldschmitt

…Society for Ethnomusicology, American Musicological Society, Society for American Music, Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Latin American Studies Association, International Association for the Study of Popular Music…
…Co-editing a Handbook on the Global Music Industries.

Co-editing a journal issue on digital music in the streaming era.

Starting a new project rethinking sonic stereotypes in niche film genres.

Starting a new project on Pan-Africanism in popular music in the lusophone world.

A commissioned chapter on Spotify “fake artists.”…
…ridge Companion to Music and Digital Culture, eds. N. Cook, D. Trippett, and M. Ingalls (co-authored with Nick Seaver). (expected summer 2019)

English Translation of Rodrigo Cantos Savelli Gomes and Maria Ignez Cruz Mello, “Gender Relations and Brazilian Popular Music: A Study of Female Bands,” A Latin American Music Reader: A View from the South, edited by Javier León and Helena Simonett, University of Illinois Press (2016).

“Eumir Deodato,” “Astrud Gilberto,” “Bebel Gilberto,” “Samba,”…

Ethno/musicologist specializing in Luso-Brazilian music and the Global Media Industries. I teach courses on popular music, jazz, film music, and world music. Prior to Wellesley College, I worked for University of Cambridge, Ringling College of Art and Design, New College of Florida, and Colby College. Pronouns: they/their/them