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Nederlands Genootschap voor Joodse Studiën

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Niels Falch received his Ph.D. in popular music in 2020 from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands with the thesis: From Oy to Joy: Jewish Musical Style in American Popular Songs, 1892-1945. He is also a guest blogger at the Recorded Sound Archives (RSA) part of the Florida Atlantic University Libraries (FAU). Niels Falch is interested in popular music, Jewish music, jazz, songwriting, American music, Yiddish theater, and forensic musicology.

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McGill University
PhD, Musicology, September 2014-Present
University of Western Ontario
Master’s of Arts, Popular Music and Culture
Bachelor of Music (Honors) Major in Music History,
Bachelor of Arts, Major in Popular Music Studies, Minor in English

Doctoral Student at McGill University Lecturer “Popular Music After 1945” Lecturer “Rap Music and Hip-Hop Culture”

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…“Jep Sting Radica with Rum and Roti: Trinidadian Social Dynamics in Chutney Music,” Popular Music and Society 37.2 (2014): 152-168. Print….

Caribbean popular music culture, Indo-Caribbean popular culture, Caribbean Carnival culture, Caribbean cultural studies, Indo-Caribbean diaspora, cultural identity, remix culture, remix theory, hybridity

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John Covach is Director of the University of Rochester Institute for Popular Music, Professor of Music in the School of Arts and Sciences, and Professor of Theory at the Eastman School of Music. He has published dozens of articles on topics dealing with popular music, twelve-tone music, and the philosophy and aesthetics of music. He is the principal author of What’s That Sound? An Introduction to Rock Music (W.W. Norton) and has co-edited Understanding Rock (Oxford University Press), American Rock and the Classical Tradition (Routledge) and Traditions, Institutions, and American Popular Music (Routledge), Sounding Out Pop (University of Michigan Press), and the Cambridge Companion to the Rolling Stones (Cambridge).