MemberEnzo Rossi

…Associate Professor of Political Theory…
…‘Political Realism as Ideology Critique’, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 20.3 (2017): 334-348 (with Janosch Prinz).
‘Facts, Principles, and (Real) Politics’, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 2 (2016): 505-520.
‘Can Realism Move Beyond a Methodenstreit?’, Political Theory 3 (2016): 410-420 [review article].
‘Political Norms and Moral Values’, Journal of Philosophical Research 4 (2015): 455-458 (with Rob Jubb). Published alongside a reply by Eva Erman and Niklas Möller (‘Why Political Realists Should Not Be Afraid of Moral Values’), and a rej…

I’m a political theorist in the Department of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, and the co-editor of the European Journal of Political Theory. My main current project is a realist critical theory of legitimacy. This stems from the intersection of a number of interests: (i) methodological issues in political theory, e.g. realism vs moralism and, relatedly but separately, ideal vs non-ideal theory; (ii) the historical development liberal ideology; (iii) the normative status of political authority; (iv) the accommodation of diversity. More generally, I’m concerned with the relationship between the descriptive and the normative study of society.