MemberBrian M. Reed

…ama P, 2012.Hart Crane: After His Lights. Tuscaloosa: U of Alabama P, 2006.CO-EDITED ESSAY COLLECTIONS Modern American Poetry: Points of Access. With Kornelia Freitag. Heidelberg: Winter, 2013.Situating El Lissitzky: Vitebsk, Berlin, Mosco…

modernism, modern poetry, contemporary poetry, poetics, American poetry, Anglophone poetry, avant-garde, Russian poetry, Polish poetry

MemberStephen A. Fredman

20C and 21C American poetry. Relations of poetry to the arts, to religion, to transcultural movement. Author of Poet’s Prose: The Crisis in American Verse, The Grounding of American Poetry: Charles Olson and the Emersonian Tradition, A Menorah for Athena: Charles Reznikoff and the Jewish Dilemmas of Objectivist Poetry, and Contextual Practice: Assemblage and the Erotic in Postwar Poetry and Art. Editor of A Concise Companion to Twentieth-Century American Poetry and, with Steve McCaffery, of Form, Power, and Person in Robert Creeley’s Life and Work.