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…European Society for the History of Photography

Society for the History of Sciences and Technology

ICOM – International Council of Museums…
…Reflections on the Calotype and Early Photography on Paper in Central Europe

Photomechanical Printing in Europe in the mid-19th Century: History, theory, visual culture, science and the international network in the 1840s-1860s…
…Photography in 1848: Five case studies from Central Europe, History of Photography, vol. 43, 2019, no. 3, pp. 233-250.

The Unbearable (and Irresistible) Charm of “Duplicates”, in J. Bärnighausen, C. Caraffa, S. Klamm, F. Schneider, and P. Wodtke (eds.), Photo-Objects: On the Materiality of Photographs and Photo Archives, Berlin 2019, pp. 245-260.

Exposing a City: Archaeologists, architects and tourists in Prague, in K…

I am a photo-historian working as a research fellow at the Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague where I also lead the CVF – Photography Research Centre team. My research focuses on 19th- and early 20th-century photography and early history of photomechanical printing.

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…é au fond de la cour, Espèces d’espaces, Récits d’Ellis Island,  L’Homme qui dort  and all the tracks he left for us and that we find either in films, theatrical readings (as with Sami Frey), visual arts, and photography.
Pour célébrer Perec, écrivain et verbicrucien, né à Paris en 1936, et mort en 1982, je propose une journée qui lui sera consacrée, et considèrera Perec et l’après Perec.  Ceci constituera u…

French/European cinema, transnational cinema, Francophone film and literature, cultural studies, photography, travel narratives