MemberTyler Curtain

Theory, Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Linguistics, Linguistics, Philosophy of Biology, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mathematics, Philosophy of Science, Gay, Lesbian, Queer, Sexuality, Evolution, Ecology, Horror, Philosophy of Computation, Computational Complexity, Economics, Representation.

MemberJohn Altmann

…I am a member of the European Network of Japanese Philosophy …
…Independent Scholar in Philosophy since 2010 and a graduate of Atlantic Cape Community College with an Associates degree in Business Administration…
…Altmann, John. “Expert Testimony in the Trial of Count Dracula.” Dracula and Philosophy: Dying to Know. Ed. Nicolas Michaud and Janelle Potzsch. Vol. 90. Chicago: Open Court Publishing, 2015. 69-78. Print. Popular Culture and Philosophy. Altmann, John. “Baring Fangs, Bearing Responsibility.” Dracula and Philosophy: Dying to Know. Ed. Nicolas Michaud and Janelle Potzsch. Vol…

Independent Scholar in philosophy that goes by the online moniker Ferrum Intellectus. My research interests include:

Political PhilosophyMoral PhilosophyMetaphysicsOntologyPhilosophy of MindDisability TheoryEpistemologyPhenomenologyPhilosophy of ReligionExistentialism

MemberVassil Vidinsky

…Articles in English:

Vassil Vidinsky (2017), “Possible Worlds in the Precipice: Why Leibniz Met Spinoza?“; Facta Universitatis, Series: Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology and History, година 16, брой 3, с. 213-223, doi:10.22190/FUPSPH1703213V

Vassil Vidinsky (2008), „Dynamical Interpretation of Leibniz’s Continuum“; сп. Kaygı – Uludag Üniversitesi Fel…

Vassil Vidinsky is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski.” He is the head of the MA Program “History of Philosophy and Contemporary Philosophy” and a member of the East European Network for Philosophy of Science. His main fields of study include Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Culture. His most recent book is Случайности. Историческа типология [Contingencies. A Historical Typology](SUP, 2017).

MemberTosin Olufeyimi

…B. A Philosophy…

Am a Philosopher and Independent scholar. Am devoted to private and independent research in philosophy, in the still sanctuary of solitude. I consider myself an Independent philosopher. Independently seeking more knowledge through autonomous learning in philosophy. My conception of philosophy is in tune with Socratic dictum ” philosophy as love of wisdom“. In the academic sense, I find inspiration from the continental traditional. I philosophize on a wide range of Philosophical issues and problems with keen interest in Metaphysics, German Idealism, Existentialism and Philosophy of Religion.

MemberShelley Tremain

I am disabled feminist philosopher of disability. I specialize in feminist philosophy of disability, Foucault, social and political philosophy, and biopolitics. I am the author of Foucault and Feminist Philosophy of Disability (University of Michigan Press, 2017) and the editor of Foucault and the Government of Disability (University of Michigan Press, 2005, 2015). I am a coordinator of and blogger at Discrimination and Disadvantage, a philosophy blog that highlights issues and concerns about discrimination, exclusion, and underrepresentation in philosophy, where I post Dialogues on Disability, the very popular series of interviews that I am conducting with disabled philosophers.  

MemberPaul Kidder

…I received my B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Washington in 1979 and my Ph.D. in Philosophy from Boston College in 1989….

My work is concentrated in the areas of metaphysics, ethics, and aesthetics. I specialize in Continental Philosophy and the philosophy of Bernard Lonergan. I have write on the philosophy of art and architecture, and do applied ethics in the areas of international development and urban affairs.