MemberTimothy Lubin

…lesiastical Polities: Lessons from Religious Exemptions in Ancient India,” paper for a conference on Status and Justice in Law, Religion, and Society, Washington and Lee University, 1–3 November 2019.    (Conference organizer)
“Old Javanese Legal Texts and Their Relevance to Epigraphy: Indic Models, Javanese Innovations,” presentation for the kickoff workshop of the DHARMA Project (ERC 809994), Humboldt University, Berlin, 16 September 2019.
“The Householde…

Historian of religion and law in South and Southeast Asia, using Sanskrit texts and inscriptions in Prakrit, Sanskrit, Old Javanese, and Classical Tamil. I study the formation and spread of Brahmanical ideals and institutions in the ancient and early medieval periods.

MemberMarianna Lazar

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Japanology, Institute of Oriental Languages and Cultures at Karoli Gaspar University (Budapest, Hungary). Areas of research: ancient Japanese cultural history (particularly the Kofun-Asuka period), the tradition of the Four Gods-belief (四神思想) in East Asia, Japanese archaeology, ancient Korean & Japanese relations, etc. Currently teaching: Japanese cultural history, Japanese archaeology, Ancient Japanese-Korean relations, Japanese art history, Japanese language