MemberAlice Tavares

…Nova School of Lisbon – Faculty of Social and Human sciences…

Alice Tavares holds a PhD in History, Medieval Age specialty, at University of Lisbon (Portugal). I also hold a Master in Regional and Local History and I graduated in History at the College of Letters of the University of Lisbon. My two thesis devoted to Common Law in the Middle Age. Besides she got the Homologation of the Degree in History by the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon to the Official Spanish University Degree in History by the Ministry of Education and Science – General Technical Secretariat. Subdirectorate General of Titles, Convalidations and Homologations, with Series A Nº0356242 / 2007 / H05163. Currently, Alice Tavares is a research in History at New University of Lisbon. I was involved in many national and international research projects, as a project, partner in the framework of the Horizon Research and Innovation Program (H2020) of the European Comission and national programs. I worked in very projects about Heritage; merchants, networks business, culture and art Sephardic Jewish; Local and National Justice in The Middle Age and Early Modern Age. Your last project was about the múdejar in Portugal (architecture and historical perception), of Instituto de Estudios Turolenses (Teruel, Aragón -Spain). I was publishing books chapters and articles in peer reviewed journals (Scopus/Web of Science), dictionary and catalogue entries, reviews in Portugal, Spain, Romania, Brazil, Chile and Italy about animals (birds, fisheries, transport animals), Sephardic Jewish and Common Law. I have very interesting nacional and internacional dissemination of my research. I was also collaborated with journals and the Blog, Lugares con Historia. Since 2017, I was Scientific Correspondent in the Progressus Journal (Siena, Italy).

MemberPaulo Jorge Oliveira Leitão

Paulo Jorge Oliveira Leitão, 18/02/1961, Lisbon, Portugal. Librarian at Art Library, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal. Teacher at FCSH, Nova University, Lisbon, Portugal. Master in Information Management and Curation. Doctoral student, doctoral programe in Portugueses Contemporary History, FCSH, Nova University, Lisbon, Portugal. Thesis subject: municipalities in 19th-century Portugal.

MemberRevekka Kefalea

Apart from my studies in social and political sciences, I am also certified in cultural management and I have attended various seminars on the creative reuses of digital cultural heritage. By participating in a few research projects, I familiarised myself with using open accessed digital archives and repositories – and gradually, apart from their scientific and educational value, I discovered the creative possibilities offered by the rights to reuse, modify and remix their content. Since then, I take initiatives and actively participate in various events aiming at the engagement of the general public with the extension, enlargement and creative reuses of the digital commons.

MemberJosé Pedro Sousa Dias

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon, where he is responsible for the course of History of Pharmacy and Therapeutics (Page in Portuguese). Graduated (1981) and PhD (1991) in Pharmacy from the University of Lisbon, he focused his research on the History of Health Sciences. He is an integrated member of the research group “Ciência: Estudos em História e Filosofia da Cultura Científica (CEHFCi)” of Institute of Contemporary History (IHC). His current research interests are the contemporary history of the biomedical sciences in Portugal, the scientific and social aspects of the history of medicine (17th and 18th centuries) and the history of medicine and pharmacy in the expansion and Portuguese colonization (16th to 18th centuries). He was Pro-Reitor of the University of Lisbon (05 / 2006-05 / 2009 and 09 / 2010-12 / 2011). Deputy Director of the Faculty of Pharmacy (11 / 2009-08 / 2010). From 2006 to 2011, he chaired the Executive Committee of the Centennial Commemorations of the University of Lisbon. He was President of the Directive Board of Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência / Museums of the University of Lisbon (06/2012-02/2014) and its Director from (02/2014-05/2019).