MemberGuy Birkin

…PhD, ‘Aesthetic Complexity: Practice and Perception in Art & Design’, 2010, Nottingham Trent University

MA by Registered Thesis, 2005, Nottingham Trent University

BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice, 1996, University of Northumbria…
…Aesthetic Complexity: Practice and Perception in Art & Design. PhD thesis, 2010, Nottingham Trent University….

Senior Research Executive at CFE Research, Leicester, UK, an independent company doing social research on education, employment, wellbeing for government, public authorities and education providers. I work on design, field work and analysis of research, specializing in literature reviews, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and data visualization. My work is mainly in the area of education, particularly education in the arts and in science/STEM subjects, in relation to socioeconomic disadvantage, gender and ethnicity. Independently, I continue my academic research on aesthetic complexity – investigating how complexity is perceived, understood and used in visual art and music. This research supports and is supported by my creative practice – generative music and visual art.

MemberJohn Goodridge

…Nottingham Trent University…

Writer and academic, interested in poetry, working-class writing, Romanticism, recovery research, eighteenth and nineteenth-century literature, science fiction, pastoral and georgic poetry including Johns Philips and Dyer, and labouring-class poetry including Robert Bloomfield, Thomas Chatterton, John Clare, Mary Collier and other English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish poets. Editor and principal writer of the Catalogue of Labouring-class Poets. 

MemberEvan Jones

…The University of Nottingham: PhD in History of Art: 2019

The University of Nottingham: MRes in Visual Culture: 2012

Nottingham Trent University: BA in Graphic Design: 2006…

I recently completed a PhD in History of Art at the University of Nottingham. My research interests cover 20th Century American Visual Culture and Art History. I have a particular interest in dipictions of the office in 20th America.

MemberBeth Kemp

…Nottingham Trent University…

I am a PhD student/post-grad researcher in the field of Education. Primarily interested in Young Adult Literature and its possible applications in the classroom, I am looking at YA lit’s potential effects on attitudes to diversity, as well as boosting reading for pleasure. I’m an English teacher, with most of my experience in teaching A Level English Language, so methods of analysis based in linguistics also interest me.