MemberJosef Barla

I am a postdoc researcher in the Biotechnology, Nature and Society Research Group at the Institute of Sociology at Goethe-University Frankfurt. In 2017, I was an affiliated researcher of The Seed Box: A Mistra-Formas Environmental Humanities Collaboratory based at Linköping University in Sweden. I am also co-chairing the New Materialisms on the Crossroads of the Natural and Human Sciences working group of the European Cooperation in Science and Technology Action IS1307 “New Materialisms: Networking European Scholarship on ‘How Matter Comes to Matter‘” (PI Iris van der Tuin). My work focuses on questions at the intersection of the ethics and politics of technology and the technosciences, science and democracy, environmental justice as multispecies justice, and feminist epistemology. I completed my PhD in Philosophy of Technology at the University of Vienna in 2016.

MemberVivian Luong

  I am a music theorist interested in the ethics of music analysis, feminist and queer theory, Schenkerian analysis, and affective autoethnography. My dissertation, “Analysis as Ethics: Experiments with Music Loving,” explores analysis as a loving, ethical practice through the perspectives of feminist music theory and new materialisms. I am currently developing a project that brings together writings on queer animacies of the nonhuman and theories of musical agency. My work on analytical ethics has been published in Music Theory Online. I have also presented my research at meetings of the Society for Music Theory, Music Theory Midwest, the American Musicological Society, and Feminist Theory and Music. My work has been supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Institute for Research on Women and Gender at the University of Michigan.  

MemberJacob Erickson

Jacob J. Erickson has lectured in theological ethics at Trinity since 2016. He previously taught Religion and Environmental Studies at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, USA. Alongside theologian Marion Grau (Norwegian School of Theology), he chairs the Sacred Texts, Theory, and Theological Construction Unit and serves on the Steering Committee for the Martin Luther and Global Lutheran Traditions Unit for the American Academy of Religion.   His research and teaching interests include:

  • Ecotheology, Environmental Ethics, and the Environmental Humanities
  • Queer Theologies and LGBTIQ Ethics
  • Theology in Posthumanism and New Materialism
  • Lutheran Theology and Ethics

Erickson is currently working on an extended project on the intersections of global warming and theology called A Theopoetics of the Earth: Divinity in the Anthropocene.  He’s also working on an introductory text on sexuality and queer theological ethics.

MemberMariela Mendez

I am an Associate Professor of Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of Richmond. My research engages comparative literary studies and feminist and queer theories to interrogate representations of genders and sexualities in print culture throughout Latin America. In particular, I address the various ways in which women writers have used the press to craft alternative spaces of cultural, aesthetic, and political intervention that disrupt heteronormative ideologies. I teach at the intersection of Latin American Studies, Transnational Feminisms, Queer Theory, and Feminist New Materialisms, and I am also interested in the political potential of a transnational feminist critical practice.

MemberAaron Slodounik

Aaron Slodounik is an art historian who specializes in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Europe, with an emphasis on France. His research and teaching interests include the intersection of art and human rights; gender and sexuality; traveling objects; print culture; and photography. Seeking a new approach to art historical narrative and colonialism in French visual culture, his dissertation, The Painter and His Poets: Paul Gauguin and Interartistic Exchange, is a history of objects and texts exchanged between the artist and his Symbolist literary peers in 1890s France. Aaron has been invited to present his research to general and academic audiences, including at the New York Public Library and the Program in Gender and Sexualities Studies at Princeton University. He has spoken widely on panels at national and international conferences, including the College Art Association, Association for Art History (UK), American Comparative Literature Association, International Comparative Literature Association, and the American Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies, among others. Before becoming a Teaching & Learning Fellow at Macaulay Honors College, he taught undergraduate courses in art history at Queens College, Queensborough Community College and at Parsons The New School for Design. His research has been supported by grants and fellowships from the CUNY Graduate Center as well as the Van Gogh Museum, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the NEA Foundation. Specialties: Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century European art; gender and sexuality studies; critical whiteness studies; new materialisms; material culture; exchange networks; history of photography

MemberGreg Hollin

My name is Greg Hollin and I’m a Wellcome Research Fellow based in the School of Sociology and Social Policy at The University of Leeds – before this I was a lecturer in social theory at the same school. Before that I was based in the Institute for Science and Society, University of Nottingham. I’m interested in the sociology of science and medicine and my work is largely focused around two areas. Firstly, I’ve studied the role of cognitive psychology and neuroscience in emerging diagnoses. Much of my research here has focused upon autism but my current project (see below) is examining Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in the context of contact sports. Secondly, I’m interested in new materialism and more-than-human research. I’ve examined these questions in relation to of the consolidation of Beagles as a breed of choice within laboratories but am also working on other cases.