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…rian Winn, and Elizabeth LaPenseé. Published by ETC Press.

“‘Once Uploaded, This Cannot Be Undone:’ Osmotic Studios’ Orwell as Dystopian Simulation of Participatory Surveillance.”

The Artistry of Neil Gaiman: Finding Light in the Shadows (2019): Eds. Joseph Michael Sommers and Kyle Eveleth; published by University Press of Mississippi.

“‘Evil Witch! I’m Not Scared!’: Monstrous Visualizations of the …

Justin Wigard (“Why-Guard”) is a PhD candidate in the Department of English, where he works with and teaches popular culture, game studies, comic studies, children’s literature, and digital humanities in the literature classroom.   His work covers a wide range of subjects, including the Hallmark Channel’s Garage Sale Mystery film series; professional wrestling and Street Fighter; chronotopal representations of feminism in Marvel’s Jessica Jones; the visual rhetoric of dinosaurs in Calvin and Hobbes; monstrous motherhood in Neil Gaiman’s Coraline; and digital visualizations of early-Modern Mughal biographies.   Justin’s dissertation, Level 101: A Video Game About Video Games, focuses on utilizing, and developing, video games as learning tools within the classroom.

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…Editor, Neil Gaiman in the 21st Century Co-editor, Feminism in the Worlds of Neil GaimanAuthor, “The Future Isn’t So Shiny: Bladerunner, Firefly, and the Effects of American Consumerism in Modern China.”Author, “A Portrait of the Artist As James Joyce.” Author, “The Life of Joyce’s Texts and the Texture of Joyce’s Life.” Author, “Moths and Mothers: Mina Loy’s ‘Partu…

Modernism, twentieth- and twenty-first century American literature, poetry, graphic novels, feminist theory, popular culture, James Joyce

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…Emeline Morin, ‘Neil Gaiman’s Wicked Princesses and Kind Deviants: Breathing New Life into Old Fairy-tale Narratives,’ Magic and Dreams and Good Madness: Sociology and Neil Gaiman, ed. by Alexandra Dunne and Gráinne O’Brien (Interdisciplinary Press, Oxford, 2014), 125-144.

Emeline Morin, ‘Urban Fairy Tales and Folkloric Nostalgia: Fables, Grimm, and Once Upon a Time,’ Fantasy Art and Studies, Issue 2 ‘Cities and wond…

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My name is Carlos D. Acosta-Ponce and I was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and raised in the nearby township of Hormigueros. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in English, as well as a Master’s degree in English Education from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. I also hold a Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, where I am currently a doctoral candidate working on my dissertation titled Identity, Oppression, and Upheaval in the British Invasion: The Comics of Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Peter Milligan, and Jamie Delano. My research interests are comprehensive and are rooted in the intersections between literature, popular culture and media. My expertise is in Contemporary American Literature and Transatlantic Modernism with an emphasis in graphic literature, comic studies, and media studies. I am also interested in cultural studies, literary theory and criticism, film studies and theory, video game studies,gender studies, digital humanities, and pedagogy. I am currently in the process of writing my dissertation on depictions of minoritized social identity categories in British Invader comics from the late 1980s. My ultimate career objective is to obtain a tenure-track position at a leading research university. In my spare time I enjoy reading, cooking, video games, and music.