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Iskandar Zulkarnain is a scholar whose interests broadly cover digital humanities, digital media studies, new media art and theory, postcolonial and counterculture discourses, and popular techno-cultures. He is currently a visiting faculty at the Department of Media and Society at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. His book manuscript project, Programming Archipelago: Digital Visual Cultures and Nationalism in Indonesia, examines various forms of digital nationalism in post-authoritarian Indonesia and connects them to the historical trajectory of media technologies and nationalism in the country.  

MemberJuli Gittinger

Counter-colonialism and the Afrofuturist utopica in Black Panther. American Academy of Religion (AAR) Annual Conference. Denver, CO, November 2018.
Past Conferences
A “Proper” Hindu woman: Hindu nationalism vs. feminist activism on social media. International Society for Media, Religion, and Culture (ISMRC). Boulder, CO, August 2018
 (Re)telling History: The fiction of idealized Hindu nationhood. Bri…

Hinduism and Hindu Nationalism Online. Routledge, 2018.



“Hijabi Cosplay: Negotiating Spheres of Religious, Cultural, and Fan Identities,” in Morehead, John, ed. Fantastic Fan Cultures and the Sacred. McFarland [Forthcoming].

“Mediating Hindu Identities: cultural regrouping online,” in Zeiler, Xenia, ed. Digital Hinduism. Routledge [Forthcoming].


Areas: Contemporary Hinduism and Islam Research interests: Nationalism, Religion and Media, Religion in Popular Culture, Secularism, Gender