MemberAndrew Tobolowsky

I study the Hebrew Bible, so far, primarily as someone interested in how it presents the history of ancient Israel, and how this vision may have been constructed. My work has often drawn, and I suspect often will draw, on comparisons from the study of Greek myth in order to interrogate existing models. So, for example, in my first book, the Sons of Jacob and the Sons of Herakles, I argued that the resemblance between the genealogical tradition that made Jacob the father of the twelve eponymous ancestors of Israel and Greek traditions about Hellen, the Panhellenic ancestor, and Herakles, suggests something quite different than most studies of biblical tribal discourse presume. Rather than efforts to preserve a very distant past, biblical tribal lists and descriptions may be, as they are in Greek myth, the medium through which later efforts to redescribe and redeploy that past were advanced. I have also published on the books of Samuel and Judges, and on comparisons with Ugaritic myth.

MemberJoel Bordeaux

…Raja Krishnacandra: Hindu Kingship and Myth-Making in Early Modern Bengal. (Book manuscript in progress)

“Buddhist China in the Indian Imagination: Locatin…

I am a specialist in Bengali Shakta traditions, and particularly intrigued by how political authority, canonical works of literature, and esotericism mediate differences between or within religions. My current book project, Raja Krishnacandra: Hindu Kingship and Myth-Making in Early Modern Bengal, explores how an eighteenth century Bengali raja named Krishnacandra Ray — famed throughout the region as a patron of Sanskrit scholarship, a champion of tantric goddess worship, and the alleged architect of British colonialism in India — passed into myth, and what that process suggests about the formation of regional and sectarian identities. Other interests at the moment include sacrifice, ritual magic, literary exegesis, and Hindu-Buddhist interactions.

MemberPaula J. Vaughan

… Oglethorpe University with a Bachelor of Arts, independently majoring in World Mythologies and Cultural Anthropology. I earned my Master of Humanities with dis…
…In My Own Image: Crafting Poetry About the Sacred Feminine.” Women Versed in Myth: Essays on Modern Poets edited by Colleen S. Harris and Valerie E. Frankel….

I am a mythologist, educator, and poet immersed in mythic and fairy tale studies, researching the initiatory links between myth, ritual, and fairy tales; the hero and heroine quests in literature and film; the archetypal feminine divine; and the role of the supernatural connecting culture, ancestry, and place.

MemberJavier Krauel

20th Century Spanish and Catalan literature and culture; the essay form and its relationship to the construction of national identities; theories of emotion; intellectual history; critical theory.My book Imperial Emotions: Cultural Responses to Myths of Empire in Fin-de-Siècle Spain was published by Liverpool UP in December 2013.

MemberAnna Zofia Gąsienica Byrcyn

…ure,  University of Illinois at Chicago.

Dissertation thesis: “Aspects of Myth in the Poetry of Halina Poświatowska.”  Includes original translations….

Anna Zofia Gąsienica Byrcyn is a literary translator and a lecturer. She is interested in modern & ancient languages, literature, translation, art, photography, film, myths in literary texts, folklore, language acquisition & pedagogy, the Tatra Mountains in Polish literature, art, and music.