MemberMollie Freier

…Book ’em: Libraries, Librarians, and Information in Mystery and Detective Fiction (book, work in progress)…

I’m a librarian and professor at Northern Michigan University. I used to be a an English professor at a different institution, and have the distinction (?) of having been tenured and promoted to Professor in two different careers. My research focus is mystery and detective fiction, and I am currently working on a book on libraries, librarians, and information in mystery fiction since 1970.

MemberElizabeth Foxwell

Elizabeth Foxwell is managing editor of Clues: A Journal of Detection, the oldest US scholarly journal on mystery/detective/crime fiction, and editor of the McFarland Companions to Mystery Fiction series (vol. 8: P. D. James). She also is manager for editorial projects and communications at the Council on Undergraduate Research. A recipient of the PCA Mystery/Detective Fiction Area’s Dove Award for contributions to the serious study of mystery/crime fiction, she writes frequently on mystery fiction and reviews mysteries for Publishers Weekly.

MemberBonita Rhoads

Bonita Rhoads specializes in nineteenth-century British and American literature and culture. She earned her Ph.D. from Yale University in 2009 with a dissertation entitled, “Frontiers of Privacy: The Domestic Enterprise of Modern Fiction,” a study which explores the vital influence of domestic ideology and domestic fiction on modern literary history. Her research interests focus on the experience of modernization and on the nineteenth-century genres that shape and reflect it, including domestic fiction, Gothic literature, crime fiction, Victorian sexology and pornography. While presently revising her dissertation as a book, she has published articles in Pragensia Literaria and in the American journals, Women’s Studies, Poe Studies, Jouvert, and The Henry James Review. Her article, “Poe’s Genre Crossing: From Domesticity to Detection” won the Poe Studies Association’s 2009 Gargano Award for the best scholarly essay on Poe published in a given year. She is co-editor of a volume of collected essays on the work of Serbian filmmaker, Dušan Makavejev, Mysteries of Makavejev: Eros, Ideology, Montage, forthcoming from Litteraria Pragensia Books in February 2014. She has presented research at many international conferences; most recently, she was a panelist for the International Virginia Woolf Society as well as the Poe Studies Association at the 2011 MLA convention in Los Angeles and a panelist for the Nathaniel Hawthorne Society at the 2013 MLA convention in Boston.