MemberAntje Gamble

…Murray State University…
…Book Chapters:
2018 “Buying Marino Marini: The American Market for Italian Art after WWII,” in Postwar Italian Art History Today: Untying ‘the Knot’, Eds. Sharon Hecker and Marin Sullivan, London: Bloomsbury Press. 155-172.
Exhibition Catalogue Entries:
2016 “Art for the People: Federal Arts Project’s Creation of American Taste” in Art for the People: WPA Prints and Textiles from the Permanent Collection, Murray: Murray State University.
2015 “Biographies” and “Bibliography,” in Three Michigan Architects, Eds. Joseph Rosa and Nancy Bartlett, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Museum of Art.
Exhibition Reviews:
2019 Review: “Metaphysical Masterpieces 1916-1920: Morandi, Sironi, and Carrà” at the Center for Italian Modern Art, Italian Art Society Bulletin XXX, 1 (Winter 2019), 4-5.
2009 Review: “A Case for Wine: from King Tut to Today (The Art Institute of Chicago, July 11-S…

My work examines the exhibition, sale, and critical reception of Italian art and how it shaped and was shaped by national and international socio-political shifts. My scholarship has been included in the recent volume Postwar Italian Art History Today: Untying ‘the Knot’ (Bloomsbury Press, 2018), where her chapter titled “Buying Marino Marini: The American Market for Italian Art after WWII” looks at politicized collection practices during the early Cold War. I also have two forthcoming essays: one on the 1949 exhibition “Twentieth Century Italian Art” at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) for a book due out late 2019 (The First Twenty Years at MoMA 1929-1949, Eds. Sandra Zalman and Austin Porter. London: Bloomsbury Press.), and another on the 1947-48 ceramic Crocifisso by Lucio Fontana for a 2020 Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) exhibition catalogue.

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…MFA in Creative Writing—Poetry, August 2009
Murray State University, Murray, KY
BGS with Distinction, August 1984
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI…

Larry O. Dean was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. He has worked with Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore, published essays and reviews on popular culture in the alternative press, and cartooned for fanzines and other underground outlets. After a series of (to quote Philip Levine) “stupid jobs,” he teaches higher ed creative writing, literature, and composition, and is a Poet-in-Residence in the public schools through the Chicago Poetry Center’s Hands on Stanzas program. Dean is the author of three full-length collections and ten chapbooks. In addition, he is a singer, songwriter, and producer, working both solo as well as with several ‘hard pop’ bands, including The Injured Parties, The Me Decade, Post Office, Malcontent, and The Fussbudgets. Since 2001 he has hosted a monthly songwriter showcase, Folk You! After living in San Francisco for over a decade, he makes his home in Chicago.