MemberVicki Mayer

I am a professor of communication and media with a special focus on media and cultural production: personal, industrial, as well as geographies and political economies of production. Methodologically, I tend to use a combination of ethnography, participant observation, action research, textual and archival research, GIS mapping, and design thinking to answer research questions about how and why different kinds of folks value media production in relation to social forces in their geographic and political-economic milieus.

MemberMaria L. J. Lauret

I am an interdisciplinary scholar of multilingual American literature, especially in relation to migration. An African Americanist, feminist, and eternal student of American literature and society, I am interested in the aesthetic, cognitive, emotional and not least  political potential of combining and mixing languages in life and in literary texts produced in the Americas. My own multilingualism is (as yet) confined to classic European languages, but I have worked on and with other languages in my latest monograph, Wanderwords.