MemberNesrine Chahine

Nesrine Chahine (PhD, University of Pennsylvania) specializes in modern Arabic literature in its global relations to European and non-Western cultural histories. Her book project, Marketplaces of the Modern, examines representations of Egypt as a marketplace in texts by twentieth-century Egyptian and Anglophone authors, arguing that unresolved narrative tensions over the commodification of laboring bodies, cultural artifacts, and raw goods reflect the troubled history of metropolitan influence in twentieth-century Egypt.  The project engages debates on transnationalism and globalization by emphasizing the necessity of recuperating the material dimensions of culture.  Her translation of selections from Ahmad Shawqi’s Death of Cleopatra has appeared in the Norton Critical Edition of Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, and she is currently in negotiations with the American University of Beirut Press for the publication of a trilingual volume in an anthology series on Lotus, the journal of the Afro-Asian Writer’s Union.  

MemberVeli N. Yashin

Veli N. Yashin is an Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Southern California. He holds a PhD in Arabic and Comparative Literature from Columbia University, and he is the winner of the 2013 Horst Frenz Prize of the American Comparative Literature Association. Yashin’s work focuses on modern Arabic and Turkish literatures and more broadly engages the theoretical implications of the complex entanglement between cultural and political representation. His current book project, tentatively titled Disorienting Figures: The Rhetoric of Sovereignty between the Arab and the Turk, argues for the disorienting force of new techniques of writing and reading in the emergence of literary modernity in Arabic and Turkish and the transformations of Ottoman sovereignty in its long-nineteenth century. Bringing together examples of fiction, poetry, drama, travelogue, literary history and criticism, political edicts and commentary published in Arabic and Turkish, Disorienting Figures analyzes emergent conceptualizations of literary and authorial authority in tandem with critical reconsiderations of Ottoman sovereignty. Through its comparative historical and theoretical frame, this project uncovers an hitherto unstudied archive around questions of authority and representation to argue for the entanglement of the rhetorical figuration of the sovereign with the political reconfiguration of the author. In doing so, Disorienting Figures not only shows the fundamental role of literature in the making of modern politics in the Ottoman Empire, but also reveals obscured currents of cultural and political exchange between Arabic and Turkish in light of a shared Ottoman past—a past whose unsettled legacies still inform issues of cultural and political representation in the Middle East today. Yashin’s research and teaching interests include the post-Ottoman world; the relationship between area studies and literary scholarship; conceptions of authority and sovereignty; legacies of German romanticism; histories and future(s) of philology; and Mediterranean studies.

MemberLevi Thompson

Levi Thompson holds a BA in History and Government from the College of William and Mary in Virginia, where he grew up in the Appalachian Mountains. He has an MA in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD in Arabic Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles. His dissertation, Speaking Laterally: Transnational Poetics and the Rise of Modern Arabic and Persian Poetry in Iraq and Iran (, brings together the theoretical richness of Comparative Literature and the philological rigor of Area Studies to critically investigate the development of literary modernism in the Middle East. After completing his PhD in 2017, Levi was the Artemis A.W. and Martha Joukowsky Postdoctoral Fellow in Gender Studies at the Pembroke Center at Brown University, where he was a member of the Pembroke Seminar organized on the topic “The Cultures of Pacifism.” While at Brown, he transformed a dissertation chapter into the forthcoming article “An Iraqi Poet and the Peace Partisans: Transnational Pacifism and the Poetry of Badr Shākir al-Sayyāb,” to appear in College Literature. He is currently working on several projects, including a book manuscript tentatively titled Re-Orienting Modernism: East-East Poetic Exchange in Arabic and Persian, a book chapter about the Iranian leftist poet Aḥmad Shāmlū for a collection on Persian literature as world literature, and translations of poetry and prose by the Syro-Palestinian poet Ramy al-Asheq, among others. Levi teaches courses covering modern Middle Eastern literature, cinema, and culture more broadly, with a focus on the Arabic- and Persian-speaking worlds during the twentieth century. While studying Arabic in Cairo during the 2011 uprising, Levi co-founded Tahrir Documents, a digital archive of paper ephemera distributed by protestors in Tahrir Square which a group of volunteers collected, translated into English, and made available online.

MemberEsmat Khorshed

Name: Esmat Mosbah Youssef Khorshed. Address: Said Street, Tanta, Egypt . Line2: El-Gaish, Tanta Qism 2, Tanta, Gharbia Governorate. E-mail: Cell: 002-01288283572 Nationality: Egyptian   Education / Qualifications 1- Registered with a Doctorate of Philosophy degree (in the preparation of a teacher in Arabic language literature) in the Department of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Education – Tanta University, on a topic entitled: The Connotation of Phonetic Structure in Modern Children’s Literature (early childhood poetry as a model)’ in the year 2020. 2- holds a master’s degree in ‘Teacher Preparation in Literature – Arabic Language’ from the Department of Arabic Language / Faculty of Education, Tanta University in 2018, in a topic entitled: “Early Childhood Literature in Modern Arabic Poetry ( An Analytical Study)” 3- holds the special diploma ‘Teacher Preparation in Arts’ in the Department of Arabic Language, with a grade of very good, Faculty of Education, Tanta University, Egypt, 2013.   4- holds the general diploma ‘Teacher Preparation in Arts in the Department of Arabic Language’, with excellent grade, Faculty of Education, Tanta University, Egypt, in 2012. 5- holds a BA in Education, Division of Basic Education, specializing in ‘Arabic Language and Islamic Studies’, with a GPA: Excellent, Honors, College of Education, Tanta University, Egypt, 2010.   Research Interest I am a researcher in the arts of child literature academically. My research focus is on analyzing the artistic as well as the phonological structure of children’s poetry presented to early childhood in the modern era. I worked in the field of Standard Arabic, Some linguistic, intellectual, and metaphorical aspects are covered in my research criteria. I am also interested in the morphology of phonology in the Arabic language.             Work Experience 1- Assistant Lecturer, Department of Kindergarten – College of Education – Tanta University – Gharbia Governorate – Arab Republic of Egypt.   2- Experience in the field of teaching at the university since 2011 until now. 3- Member of the International Federation for the Arabic Language, based in ”Lebanon”. 4- A member of the Arab Educators Association based in “Benha” – Arab Republic of Egypt. 5- Member of the Arab Society for Measurement and Evaluation in Egypt. 6- A Certified Trainer. 7- A certified member of Debono to teach thinking in Jordan in 2021, Membership Number: 1587/2020

MemberRamzi Salti

Ramzi Salti, Ph.D. Lecturer of Arabic, Author & Radio Host Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305-2006 ___ My Stanford Faculty Page: My Arabology Blog: Arabology on Facebook: My Arabology Podcasts: Author Page: LinkedIn: Stanford DLCL Page: