MemberRicky Broome

I’m an independent researcher and early medieval historian based in Leeds. My research covers various aspects of cultural continuity and change in the late Merovingian and early Carolingian worlds, focusing particularly on the eighth century and on aspects of identity, community and otherness. I’m especially interested in hagiography and the process of conversion from paganism to Christianity. Available to review books/articles on these or related topics. Please email me to discuss:

MemberMichel Summer

I am a PhD student in Medieval History and Research Assistant at Trinity College Dublin. My doctoral thesis, supervised by Dr Immo Warntjes and funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund, bears the working title ‘Beyond Mission: Willibrord as a Political Actor between Early Medieval Ireland, Britain and Merovingian Francia (658-739)’; see below for a brief abstract. For contact details see the CV below.

MemberLaury Sarti

I am a specialist in medieval history with a background in ancient history, currently focussing on the early medieval period and planning some work on the late medieval period. I am currently a lecturer at the University of Freiburg.  My second book, the manuscript has been completed in June 2021, deals with the question to what extent contemporaries could and did assume that the West remained part of the Orbis Romanus by looking at the respective understanding of imperium Romanum, contacts and exchanges, identities and mutual assessments, the significance of (Latin and Greek) language as an identity marker, the perception of Antiquity and the more recent past, the role of Christianity as a uniting or dissociative factor, and cultural analogies and mutual influences. The project is associated to the ‘Leipnitz-WissenschaftsCampus Byzanz zwischen Orient und Okzident‘.   I headed the research group “The Militarisation of early medieval Societies. Nature, Control and Perception in a west-European Comparison” (2016-2020) funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation and located at the Freie Universität Berlin.   Moreover, I am currently writing a student handbook on western Europe in transition between Antiquity and the Middle Ages (“Westeuropa zwischen Antike und Mittelalter”), under contract with the Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft to be published in the series ‘Geschichte Kompakt – Mittelalter’.   My current research focuses on:

  • Contacts and the connectivity between the Byzantine empire and the Frankish west.
  • History of mentality, imagination, ideas and concepts.
  • Identities in Antiquity and the Middle Ages.
  • France, Italy, England and the Byzantine Empire in the Middle Ages.
  • Travel and traffic in the Middle Ages.
  • The transition from Antiquity to the Middle Ages.
  • Late antique and early medieval military.
  • Ancient and Medieval Archaeology.

Please feel free to contact me via You may find me on Academia and Twitter, and on my blog:

MemberJon Dell Isola

I am a historian of early medieval politics, particularly in the East Frankish kingdom. My dissertation, titled “”The Only Just King”: Arnulf of Carinthia and the Transformation of Carolingian Europe, c. 850-899″ explores how one late ninth century king, Arnulf, fits into changes taking place in European politics and society. Some of my other interests are GIS/Digital humanities and history writing in the medieval world.