MemberCarmen R. Rabell

I am a Comparative Literature professor. My research focuses on European Renaissance and Baroque Cultures. I am particularly interested in (1) Law and Literature (rhetoric, narration, and the law); (2) Classic, Renaissance and Baroque poetics; (3) Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Novella; (4) the picaresque novel and its relationship to confessional discourse, hagiography, and books of conduct; and (5) the politics of monstrous representation in Renaissance and Baroque theater.You can se some of my publications at

MemberYael Landman

Hebrew Bible; ancient Near East; biblical, cuneiform, and early Jewish law; law and literature; Semitic linguistics My work examines the Hebrew Bible in comparison with ancient Near Eastern sources and draws on contemporary legal and literary theory and linguistics, with further recourse to ancient Jewish sources and medieval exegesis. I am currently transforming my dissertation into a book entitled Legal Practice, Legal Writing: The Biblical Bailment Law and Divine Justice.  I am Acquisitions Editor of Hebrew Bible, Ancient Near East, and Jewish Studies at Gorgias Press. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, email me at I am currently Visiting Research Fellow in Judaic Studies at CUNY Brooklyn College.