MemberRoger Whitson

I specialize in media theory, digital humanities, and nineteenth-century British literature. My research investigates how the Nineteenth Century is adapted, remediated, and transmitted into more contemporary art and digital media. I’ve specifically looked at this phenomenon by exploring the adaptation of William Blake and by investigating the alternate history reconstruction of the Victorian Period in steampunk. I also occasionally write about digital pedagogy.

MemberDerek Kompare

I’m currently an Associate Professor and Chair of Film and Media Arts in the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University. My current research interests focus on the fate of physical media in the digital age, and more broadly on how older media forms, texts, and objects “age.” At SMU, I teach courses on media industries, media history, media theory, and media fandom. As Chair of our program, I’m interested in updating our curriculum and practices to better serve the needs of 21st century media practitioners and citizens, and in evolving broader, more inclusive, and more effective models of higher education.

MemberKatherine E. Gossett

My research interests include digital humanities, open source design, new media theory & practice, user exeperience design and medieval rhetoric. (And yes, there is a logical connection between technology and medieval rhetoric!) I am also the associate editor for the journal Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. Before returning to graduate school I worked in the information technology sector as a project manager, interaction designer, systems designer, Y2K integration manager, web designer/architect, and technical communicator.