DepositVibrant Material Textuality: New Materialism, Book History, and the Archive in Paper

I look to the ways material text studies might be prompted by, and improve upon, thinking in new materialism. The result is that paper could be read for how histories and narratives seep into the paper record and require accounts of agentic materiality lest they be lost or muted. In what follows, I use stories about rag paper as points of departure for thinking about the material turn in both contemporary theoretical discourse and book history together. Both, I think, attempt to understand the meanings and effects of material actors. Taken together, however, they can provide greater insight into the meanings of texts as objects, and a more complete sense of what is in our archives. Finally, I argue that book history’s disciplinary habits of moving between a text’s material presence, or bibliographic code, and its linguistic code, might provide a model for literary critics pondering current theoretical work in new materialism and the agency of things.

DepositIntroduction to Research Materials in Music Theory

This document is a brief initial guide to conducting research in music theory. It highlights significant reference sources and databases, lists some major journals and other resources in the field, and suggests some ways of beginning to look for information on a topic. Initially compiled in 2014 at Harvard; revised w/Gettysburg College librarian Mallory Jallas, 2019.

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A couple of open data sets relating to Francoist represion: Graves of victims of Francoism: with data at: <div id=”gt-res-content”> <div id=”gt-res-dir-ctr” class=”trans-verified-button-small” dir=”ltr”> <div id=”tts_button”><span id=”result_box” class=”” lang=”en”><span class=””>The legal compensation list for victims of Franco’s regime in open data </span></span>(in Catalan):</div> </div> </div>