MemberMehl Penrose

Spanish literature (1700-contemporary), Queer Studies and Theory, Gender Studies (in particular, Masculinity Studies), Post-modernism, Reception Theory, German philosophical influences on 19th-century Spanish cultural discourse, and the intersections of law, medicine, science, culture, art, and literature in 18th- and 19th-century Spanish discourse.

MemberVictoria Addis

My current research examines the concept of ecomasculinity in contemporary fiction. My broader research interests include ecocriticism, gender/masculinity studies, comics studies, and transatlantic nature writing/environmental literature (1800-present). I am the recipient of the 2017 British Association for Contemporary Literary Studies (BACLS) Postgraduate Essay Prize, the 2018 British Association for American Studies (BAAS) Postgraduate Essay Prize, and the 2019 Irish Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand (ISAANZ) Postgraduate Essay Prize.

MemberJoshua Rumbaoa Jerome Garcia

I am a Ph.D. Student in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at the Graduate Theological Union and I research Biblical hermeneutics. My current project is to construct an Asian American hermeneutic at the intersection of postcolonial theory and gender theory (specifically masculinity studies). I also have secondary and tertiary research interests in Ugaritic mythology as well as Filipino American theology.   I hold master’s degrees in religion and theology from Yale University and Boston University, respectively, as well as bachelor’s degrees in psychology and biblical studies from George Fox University.

MemberDr Grace Emmett

‘Paul, the Lovesick Apostle’, International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (Paul & Pauline Literature unit), July 2021
‘Becoming a Pauline Scholar: Masculinity Studies and “Proper” Pauline Studies’, British New Testament Society Conference (Paul session), August 2021
‘Re-forming Romans 8: First Reformed and Reversing the (Eco)Hermeneutical Flow’, Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (Bible & Film unit), November 2021

Previous conference papers:

‘Becoming a Man: Paul and Masculinity Studies’, King’s College London Biblical Studies Research Seminar, 17th February 2021
Grace Emmett and Hannah-Burke Tomlinson, ‘Paul and Proper…

I recently completed my PhD thesis (at King’s College London) on Paul and masculinity. I’m interested in gender-critical approaches to Paul’s letters, the New Testament generally, the reception of biblical texts in film, and analysis of contemporary Christian men’s movements. My PhD thesis—entitled ‘Becoming a Man: Un/Manly Self-Presentation in the Pauline Epistles—looks at four different modes of self-presentation in Paul’s letters and asks how these can be read through the lens of masculinity studies. Considering his disclosure of bodily weakness/es, dubious ‘marks’ (circumcision and stigmata), self-professed enslavement to Christ and those he leads, as well as his maternal personas, I highlight the complex manner in which Paul’s masculinity is constructed. Turning Paul’s claim in 1 Cor 13:11 to have ‘become a man’ into a question, I ask: how does Paul become a man exactly? And who else agrees that he has successfully become one? I am also a co-host on The Two Cities podcast, which explores the intersection between theology and culture.

MemberPeter Ferry

I am Associate Professor of English at the University of Stavanger, Norway. I am currently working on a book project for Routledge on beards and masculinity in American literary history. Previously, I was an Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow at University College Dublin, Ireland (2015-2017). My project focused on the transnational flâneur and masculinity in early American Literature. My PhD thesis (Queen’s University Belfast, 2013) was published as Masculinity in Contemporary New York Fiction with Routledge in 2015. I have published a range of articles on such topics as New York flâneurs, Freud and masculinity, fatherhood, and the sociological value of studying men and masculinities.