MemberBeatrice Ashton-Lelliott

My thesis is entitled: ‘Magical Lives: life-writing, performance magic and crafting the self in the Victorian period and beyond’. It primarily examines the autobiographies of nineteenth-century magicians and the analogous representations of fictional magicians and conjuring in Victorian literature. My other research interests include occulture, magical realism, second-generation Romantic poetry and fantasy fiction.

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…ical Society

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Magic as a Political Crime in Medieval and Early Modern England (I. B. Tauris, 2017)

Peterborough Folklore (Lasse Press, 2017)

The Abbey of Bury St Edmunds: History, Legacy and Dis…

I am a historian specialising in church history and popular religion. My specialisms include post-Reformation English Catholicism, all aspects of the church history of the East Anglian region, the history of exorcism and the history of magic.

MemberLloyd Graham

…Trinity College, Dublin; Trinity College, Cambridge; CSIRO Australia.

Associate Member, Societas Magica.

Macquarie University: Member, Macquarie Ancient History Association (MAHA); Member, Unive…

Independent researcher with an interdisciplinary interest in (a) Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East, and (b) the nexus of magic, mythology and religion in the ancient and modern world.

MemberTabitha Stanmore

I am an AHRC-funded PhD candidate researching magic, gender and society in England, 1350-1650.My research explores the evolution of social attitudes towards non-witchcraft magic, with particular reference to gendered representations and practices of medieval and early modern magicians. As part of this I am also involved with the Leverhulme-funded ‘Figure of the Witch’ project, headed by Ronald Hutton.
Supervisors: Professor Ronald Hutton, Professor Jonathan Barry, and Dr Catherine Rider

MemberPatricia Robin Woodruff, PhD

… Journey thru History, The Amazon and the Spirit,  Strange Tales of Floyd County, VA, and Slavic Magic Moon Meditations.  Her latest is a book geared towards children to teach them about the ancie…

Patricia “Robin” Woodruff is a polymath, author, artist, minister and Priestess of Stone Circle Wicca. Her Lemko heritage from the remote Carpathian mountains started her on a path of intense study of Slavic Paganism and magic. Woodruff has been immersed since 2017 writing the Roots of Slavic Magic. Having read over 4,000 sources on the subject, Woodruff can provide new insights into this ancient religion based on recent archeological discoveries, newly-revealed rituals, and revised scholarly analysis of petroglyphs from the areas influencing the proto-Slavs.

MemberAdam Parker

…Magic in Roman Britain…

Professionally I work as the Assistant Curator of Archaeology at the Yorkshire Museum, responsible for the curation, interpretation, documentation and advocacy of a designated archaeology collection relating to York city and North Yorkshire. The collection ranges from the Middle Palaeolithic to the early Post-Medieval periods, with particular focus on the Roman, Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval periods of York’s history. I am additionally responsible for the training of volunteers in object handling, supervision of several post-graduate students and for the planning, managing and writing-up of small scale archaeological excavations.In an academic capacity I am currently undertaking PhD research with the Open University collating the evidence for and questioning the function of magic in Roman Britain. The project aims to look at the disparate evidence for magic in terms of its contextual significance, including: phallic imagery, inscribed and portable amulets, Jet and Amber objects, lamellae, figurines etc.

MemberJames Maertens

…e was a druid.  One of the raisins d’être of the series is to write fantasy that represents magic as it really is (according to magical folk in our world) and not the usual sort of wish-fulfil…

I am about five foot nine inches, about 40 lbs. overweight, thinning hair, gray beard, with a wide assortment of debilitating medical conditions.  My hair is about brown in color and I am about fifty-seven years of age.  Mentally, about seventeen.  My work as Dean of Creative Writing and History of Magic at Bardwood is characterized by a great deal of thinking and reading, especially in the field of history of magic, boarding school stories, nineteenth-century Brit Lit. and philosophy.  I am at present celebrating my tenth year as a Free Mason and soon to be retired Secretary for Lake Harriet Lodge No. 277 A.F. & A.M. in Minnesota.  I’m a practicing druid, which means I spend a lot of time bathing in the spirits of the trees, the birds, and the animals; and that I confer regularly with elves and other otherworld beings.  My head is most often to be found in the clouds (or vice versa) and my lap under Minerva, my tabby cat and too-familiar familiar.  My favorite color is aquamarine blue and my favorite Harry Potter character is Luna Lovegood.  My favorite poet is either Keats or Yeats (they have to work it out between them), and my favorite nineteenth century novelist is Jane Austen, followed by Anthony Trollope.  I’m quite a fan of Thomas Hardy too, but its hard not to get depressed by his endings sometimes.  My favorite author of magical fantasy is Susanna Clarke, author of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.  I can identify very strongly with Mr. Norrell. (Not that I wear a wig.) (Not usually.)

MemberFrederick A. De Armas

Early modern studies; Cervantes; Calderon; Lope de Vega; ekphrasis; the relations between the verbal and the visual particularly between Spanish literature and Italian art; the interconnections between myth and empire during the rule of the Habsburgs; the Spanish comedia and the classics; the politics of astrology; magic and the Hermetic tradition; Don Quixote and Moorish culture; Pérez Galdós, early modern Spain and Cuba.