MemberFergal McHugh

…ose with disabilities is also denied ipso facto to the significant percentage of human beings who will experience old age and the loss of some or all of those characteristics that hitherto underwrote their claims to moral attention. I examine some of the strategies being used to counter this approach – in particular imaginative, creative or narrative strategies influenced by Ludwig Wittgenstein where the goal is less to develop an overall theory, but rather to demonstrate the heterogeneous, quotidian ways in which moral status persists, beyond a categorical-metaphysical understanding of what it is to be an object of moral concern as part of rich, imaginatively-infused conception of the moral life…

I work on themes at the intersection of metaphilosophy, aesthetics and bioethics. I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at University College Dublin. I am a member of the American Voice in Philosophy project team.