MemberFranklin Ridgway

American Literature, Marxism, American Studies, Travel Writing, Built Environment, American Culture, Nineteenth Century Studies, Sociotechnical Systems, Enviromental Humanities, Literary Geography, Nineteenth Century United States, Gilded Age and Progressive Era, Literary Regionalism, American Realism and Naturalism, American Realism, Media History, Lacanian theory, U.S. Intellectual History, Spectatorship, American Immigrant Narratives, Phenomenology of Space and Place, Science and technology studies, Environmental Humanities, and Twentieth Century Literature

MemberClaudio Palomares-Salas

Claudio Palomares-Salas teaches Hispanic Studies at Queen’s University. He is the author of The Spatiality of the Hispanic Avant-Garde: Ultraísmo and Estridentismo, 1918-1927 (2020); the novel El lugar más triste para soñar (2014); and the short stories El mapa (2016) and Igor (2019). He has published widely on academic journals. His areas of specialization are the Hispanic avant-garde movements (1910-1927); spatiality and literary geography; twentieth-century Spanish and Latin American literature, music, film, and visual culture; and the New Song movements (1960-1990) in Latin America, particularly Mexico.

MemberCourtney Berger

I’ve been at Duke University Press since 2003, and I acquire books across the humanities and social sciences. My key areas of acquisition include: social and political theory, transnational American studies, Native American and indigenous studies, gender and sexuality studies, African American studies, Asian American studies, critical ethnic studies, environmental humanities, science and technology studies, media studies, literary studies, and geography.

MemberSimone Pinet

I work at the intersection of discourses in medieval Iberian literatures, that is, I like asking questions that come up when one sees an apparently unrelated or distant sphere intervening in the literary, whether it be politics, or cartography, or economics, which is what I am currently working on for a book project. As an extension of this, I am interested in how the medieval intervenes in other periods, other geographies, that is, how the medieval informs (or disinforms) discourses about modernity or secularism or civilization, and how it shapes imperial and colonial projects, or contemporary Latin American literatures.

MemberPeter J. Kalliney

… contribution to New Modernisms book series, edited by Sean Latham and Gayle Rogers, at Bloomsbury Press, Jan. 2016. Commonwealth of Letters: British Literary Culture and the Emergence of Postcolonial Aesthetics.  Oxford UP, July 2013.  Modernist Literature and Culture series, edited by Kevin Dettmar and Mark Wollaeger. Cities of Affluence and Anger: A Literary Geography of Modern Englishness, University of Virginia Press.“Modernism, African Literature, and the Cold War.”  MLQ 76.3 (2015): 333-368….

African Literature, British Literature, Caribbean Literature, Literature in English