MemberKeith Tse

…verted to M.A.) at the University of Oxford (Balliol College) (2005-2009). I then specialised in Languages and Linguistic and did a Master’s degree (M.A.) at the University of Manchester with foci in Latin/Romance linguistics and theoretical syntax. I recently completed a Master’s by Research (M.Res) in Linguistics at the University of York where I researched on formal syntactic change, and I am currently doing research on L…

Theoretical linguistics, theoretical syntax, historical syntax, historical and comparative linguistics, Chinese linguistics, East Asian linguistics, Latin/Romance linguistics, Indo-European linguistics, grammaticalization, linguistic interfaces

MemberSarah Harmon

…Ph.D. in Romance Linguistics, University of Texas at Austin, 2007.
MA in Linguistics, University of California at Davis, 1999.
BA in Spanish with a minor in Linguistics, University of California at Davis, 1993….

Historical Romance linguistics; theories of language change; Historical Spanish linguistics; Historical Italian linguistics; technology in the classroom; online education pedagogy; technical and academic editing.

MemberGerardo Augusto Lorenzino

… John    Holm & Susanne Michaelis (eds.), Contact Languages: Critical Concepts in Language Studies, volume IV.  New York: Routledge, pp. 309-408
2007: Selected Proceedings of the Third Workshop in Spanish Sociolinguistics.  Somerville: Cascadilla Press; with Jonathan Holmquist and Lotfi Sayah
2001: The Morphosyntax of Spanish-lexified creoles. Munich: Lincom Europa (Pidgins and Creole Series).
1999: The Angolar Creole Por…

Dialectology Historical linguistics Pidgins and Creoles Languages in Contact Linguistic approaches to literature

MemberThomas Stewart

…Assoc Prof of Linguistics…
…Ph.D., Linguistics, The Ohio State University, 2004.

M.A., Linguistics, The Ohio State University, 2000.

M.A., Foreign Languages, West Virginia University, 1995.

B.A., French and Psychology, The College of Wooster, 1989….

Linguistics, especially morphological theory & historical linguistics; Scottish Gaelic language

MemberSimon Meier-Vieracker

…ermanistische Sprachgeschichte
DFG-Network “Diskurse – digital: Theorien, Methoden, Fallstudien”
Conference Network “Diskurs – interdisziplinär”
AILA Research Network “Applied Linguistics in Sport”

…Professor of Applied Linguistics…

Multilingual Corpora of Football Linguistics (since 2017)
Digital Plato – Tradition and Reception (2016–2019)

…Dr. phil. (2012, University of Berne, German Linguistics)

M.A. (2007, University of Duisburg-Essen, Communication Science and Philosophy)…
…. In: Aptum 2018 (2), S. 157–174.

Meier, Simon/Thiering, Martin (2017): The encoding of motion events in football and cycling live text commentary: A corpus linguistic analysis. In: Yearbook of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association 5 (1), S. 43–56….

Simon Meier-Vieracker is professor for Applied Linguistics at the Department of German Studies, TU Dresden. He is doing research on Discourse Analysis, Corpus Linguistics and Media Linguistics.  

MemberMartin Konvička

I am currently working on my PhD in linguistics at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. In my research, I focus on grammar theory, obligatoriness, grammaticalisation and other related language change processes. Moreover, I am also interested in the applications of evolution theory in linguistics, history of linguistic thought, and translation studies. I have taught undergraduate courses on English and German historical linguistics, introduction to linguistics, semantics, pragmatics, and Sprachbund phenomena.