MemberUsree Bhattacharya

My research is inspired by questions of diversity, equity, and access in multilingual educational contexts, especially as they pertain to the circulation of English as a “global” language. It combines the analysis of educational policy and practice with methods from the fields of applied linguistics, second language acquisition, linguistic anthropology, and literacy studies. A primary aim of my work is to illuminate the role of discourses, ideologies, and everyday practices in the production and reproduction of hierarchical relations within educational systems. In terms of research projects, I have been conducting ethnographic research on the language and literacy socialization of young boys at an anathashram (orphanage) since 2007 in suburban New Delhi, India. A newer project examines safety and educational rights of adolescent underprivileged girls in suburban Mumbai, India.

MemberLijing Peng

…Selected Publications: 

Peng L. “Between Aesthetic and Institutional Realms: the Vitality of Modern Mandarin Chinese Demonstrated by Shen Congwen’s Literature”, Journal of Linguistic Anthropology (under review)

Peng L. 2015. “Ethnicity and Nationhood: A Study of Contemporary Liminality in Ethnography Museum in Western Hunan, China.” Irish Journal of Anthropology (under review).

Peng L. 2015. “Book Review: Caroline Levine, Forms: Whole, Rhythm, Hierarchy, Network. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2015 .” Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation Review, May Issue.

Peng L. 2013. “Book Review: Laura M. Ahearn, Living Language: An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology, Oxford: Wiley-BlackWell, 2012.” Journal of History and Anthropology 11(1): 168-171.


Peng L. et al, 2011. “Space and Time in Irish Folk Rituals and Traditions.” Chinese Review of Anthropo…

Selected Research Experiences:  1 Current museum anthropology research on Yeats Exhibition in National Library of Ireland 2 Chinese – Irish comparative literature study 2014 – 2015 2 PhD Research on early 20th century Chinese literary languages 2009 – 2014   3 Research on Epic Gesar in Kham and Amdo Tibet. 2008.09 – 2009.09

MemberAndrew John Hodges

I am a social and linguistic anthropologist interested in the anthropology of work and leisure. My current project examines the impact of a shipyard (Uljanik, Pula) on work, leisure and sub-cultural activities (especially on fan and punk subcultures) in and around the city of Pula. I have also written extensively on football fans in Zagreb Croatia, interpreting their engagements as subculture and social movement. To date I have written about left wing/antifascist fan initiatives (White Angels Zagreb), and progressive initiatives among GNK Dinamo Zagreb’s Bad Blue Boys. I have just completed a book on this research.  I have also written on Croatian minority (language) activism in Vojvodina, Serbia and the politics of academic networks in Croatia and Serbia.   Please feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions about my work. Email: hodges (at)

MemberStephen Hopkins

I work on all things apocrypha in Medieval religious literature, taking a comparative philological approach. My dissertation tracks the transmission of infernal apocrypha (especially the Gospel of Nicodemus and Vision of St. Paul) across Old English, Old Norse, Middle Welsh, and Old/Middle Irish periods. My idea of a good time is scrutinizing vernacular translations of theologically-oriented works, and thinking about the history of emotions and temporality. My favorite sport is etymology. I’m also into Ghost Stories (especially those of M.R. James), Horror, Medievalism (Tolkien and Lewis), and Vikings.

MemberMaria Lujan Figueredo

Dr. Figueredo is Associate Professor at the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics at York University, where she teaches courses in Spanish and Spanish American literature. Her research focuses on the relationship of literature and music in Latin America, music as a subtext in women’s writing, and contemporary innovations in Spanish American literature. Professor Maria Figueredo was awarded the 2016 President’s University-wide Teaching Award.