DepositChallenges and Solutions in Library and Information Sciences: Formulating a Pharmacy Collection Without a Prescription

Librarians, pharmacists, and scientists encounter diverse challenges relating to knowledge management, the creation, organization, and retrieval of information. This session will highlight current challenges faced in this area by colleagues from across the Academy. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in two roundtable discussions. By the end of the session, participants will be able to describe current challenges faced in Library and Information Science, and bring solutions back to their academic program. These slides include the “Formulating a Pharmacy Collection Without a Prescription” portion of the panel, which discussed the collection development process for a group of non-health science librarians tasked with building a pharmacy library collection for a new school at a traditionally liberal arts institution.

Deposit‘The story of data’: a socio-technical approach to education for the data librarian role in the CityLIS library school at City, University of London

This paper describes a new approach to education for library/information students in data literacy – the principles and practice of data collection, manipulation and management – as a part of the Masters programme in library and information science (CityLIS) at City, University of London.

DepositPublishing as Sharing: observations from Oral History practices in the Digital Humanities

Essay presented in 2017 as fulfillment of requirements for completion of the module INM380 – Libraries and Publishing in an Information Society, part of the MSc Library and Information Science course at City, University of London. In this essay, I use the debates on Oral History in the Digital Humanities to support the presentation of some of the relationships between publishing and digital scholarship and their implications, as well as challenges and opportunities that should concern those involved in both publishing and library & information science.