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I am a historian of Brazil, Latin America, and the Atlantic World, with research speciality in the colonial period. My interests include the histories of slavery, diaspora, law, empire, and race. More broadly, through teaching and research, I am interested in exploring Latin America through a global lens. I received my Ph.D. in Latin American History from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 2019. My dissertation, “Freedom’s Edge: Enslaved People, Manumission, and the Law in the Eighteenth-Century South Atlantic World,” explored how enslaved people in Brazil and Portugal used the law to achieve their manumission. My research has been funded by the Fulbright-Hays, the Conference on Latin American History, and the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities. During the 2019-2020 academic year, I will be a Chancellor’s ADVANCE Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of History at the University of California, Irvine.

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…Ph.D., Latin American History – University of New Mexico

M.A., Latin American History – University of New Mexico

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I am Assistant Professor of Latin American History at the University of Texas-Tyler, with a Ph.D. in Latin American History from the University of New Mexico. My work specializes in social movements, military regimes, state-society relations, and human rights & memory in Latin America, with a specific focus on Brazil. I have published articles on education and student activism in the 2013 Brazilian protests, on university autonomy and social mobilization in Brazil, and on defining transitional politics in the 21st century. I have contributed book chapters on  educational demands and student movements in Brazil’s long 1960s appears in the edited volume The Third World in the Global 1960s (Berghahn Books, 2013) and on the dynamics between student activism, religious movements, and political transformation in 20th century Brazil in the edited volume Local Church, Global Church: Catholic Activism in Latin America from Rerum Novarum to Vatican II (Catholic University Press, 2016). I am currently at work on a manuscript that uses the Brazilian university system to examine the ways in which the middle class played an increasingly central role in defining the political and social struggles of Brazil in the twentieth century. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on Latin American History, Inter-American Relations, and Native American History. Additionally, he is currently the book review editor for the quarterly scholarly journal The Latin Americanist.

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…nalizing Nature: Iguazu Falls and National Parks at the Brazil-Argentina Border. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming May 2021.
Big Water: The making of the borderlands between Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Co-edited with Jake Blanc. Tucson, AZ: University of Arizona Press, 2018.

Chapters and Articles (peer-reviewed)

“Protected Areas in Brazil: History and Current Status,” Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History. Forthcoming, 2020.
“Conservation frontier: The creation of protected areas in the Brazilian Amazonia.” In Frontiers of Development in the Amazon: Riches, Risks, and Resistances. Edited by Antonio Ioris et al. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2020, 51-79.
“Terras públicas e política de conservação da natureza: o caos fundiário na formação do Parque Nacional do Iguaçu.” In História Ambiental: Nat…

I am an assistant professor of digital and Latin American history and core member of the Visual Narrative Initiative at North Carolina State University.

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19th Century Latin American Literature, Latin American Studies, Latin American Literature (Literature), 19th Century Colombian History, Colombia, Maps and Society, Historical Geography, Tropical Ecology, Eco-criticism, War Theory, Naturaleza/cultura, Nature Culture, Costumbrismo Latinoamericano, 19th century culture and politics – Colombia & Latin America, 19th Century Latin American Art History, Modernismo, Spanish and Latin American Modernism, Spanish American Independence, Society and Politics 19th Century Latin America, Amazonia, Costumbrismo hispánico, and Historia política y social siglos XIX y XX