MemberRosa Tapia

Professor of Spanish and Co-Director of the Latin American and Spanish Film Festival at Lawrence University. Publications include the book Catalan Writers on the Border, a special volume of the Revista Internacional D’Humanitats dedicated to Latin American cinema, and several articles and book chapters on Spanish and Latin American literature and film. Higher education Co-Chair of the national Development Committee for the College Board’s AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam.

MemberRaul A. Galoppe

My research focuses on the dialogue between gender and genre in literature and the construction of subjectivity. Within the theoretical framework of Lacanian psychoanalysis, feminism, queer theory, and performance, I concentrate on Latin American and Latino film and cultural studies as well as Baroque Spanish drama. I explore representations of women and critical sexualities in Latino cultures as they appear in film, drama, and fiction. While supporting my interest in sexuality as a social construction that takes place when discourse, hegemonic power and desire intersect, this scope allows me to review recent trends in Spanish classical theater and in Latin American cinema.

MemberSebastiaan Faber

• Iberian Trans-Atlantic Studies
• Institutional History of Hispanism
• Historical Memory in Post-Franco Spain
• Spanish Cinema; Luis Buñuel; Post-Francoist Cinema
• Literature of Spanish Civil War Exile
• Representations of the Spanish Civil War and SCW refugees
• The Crisis of the Turn of the Century in Spain and Spanish America
• Intellectuals and Political Commitment
• Intellectual Contacts Between Spain and Spanish America after 1810
• Constructions of Hispanic Identity since Latin-American Independence
• Theory of Ideology
• Contemporary Spanish Fiction
• Journalism and Fiction in Latin-American Literature

MemberNatalia Christofoletti Barrenha

Natalia Christofoletti Barrenha is a film researcher and programmer specialised in Latin American cinema. She holds a doctoral degree in Multimedia from the Universidade Estadual de Campinas – UNICAMP (Brazil), and conducted postdoctoral research at the UNICAMP Institute of Language Studies, with a short period as Coimbra Group Visiting Fellow at the KU Leuven (Belgium). She is the author of the books Espaços em conflito. Ensaios sobre a cidade no cinema argentino contemporâneo (Intermeios, 2019) and A experiência do cinema de Lucrecia Martel: Resíduos do tempo e sons à beira da piscina (Alameda and FAPESP, 2014. Translated into Spanish: Prometeo, 2020), and she is currently co-editing (with Julia Kratje and Paul Merchant) the volume ReFocus: The Films of Lucrecia Martel (Edinburgh University Press). From 2017 to 2020, she was a co-editor of Imagofagia, the journal of the Asociación Argentina de Estudios sobre Cine y Audiovisual. She is a Visiting Researcher at the Comenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia), with the support of the National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic.