MemberMagnus Møller Ziegler

…My Ph.D. project is about the relationship between Young Hegelianism and Karl Marx’s mature work, specifically Capital vol. 1. My main argument is, that our conception of what ‘Young Hegelianism’ means is flawed and empty, and that arguments about Marx’s supposed ‘break’ with the Young Hegelians therefore have to re-inves…

Dias, Tobias & Magnus Møller Ziegler. “Karl Marx: Redaktionelt forord”. Slagmark 77, 7-20
Dias, Tobias & Magnus Møller Ziegler. “Marx i Amerika: Et interview med professor Andrew Hartman”. Slagmark 77, 133-148
Marx, Karl & Arnold Ruge. “To breve (1843)”. Translated by Magnus Møller Ziegler. Slagmark 77, 97-102…

I am 29 years old and from Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently, I am employed as a Ph.D. Fellow in the Department of Philosophy and the History of Ideas, School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University (Denmark). I work with German philosophy in the 19th century and more specifically the reception of Hegel, especially the Young Hegelians, but also the political and institutional reception of Hegel in a socio-economic and political context. Areas of specialisation G. W. F. Hegel, Hegelianism, and the contemporary reception of Hegel; German Idealism; Karl Marx; Friedrich Engels; the intellectual history of Marxism, circa 1850-1970. Areas of competence/interest Philosophy of science, especially the social sciences; philosophy of history and history of philosophy; German 19th century philosophy in general; the Frankfurt School (1st generation) and Critical Theory; ancient philosophy, mainly Aristotle; “classical” political philosophy (from Plato to Marx); the institutionalisation of systems of thought; digital humanities and text-as-data methods for political theory and philosophy research.

MemberEric S. Hood

…“Karl Marx: The End of the Enlightenment” in Reading as Democracy in Crisis: Interpretation, Theory, History. James Rovira, ed. Lexington Books, 2019.

“The Affects of ‘Fourier’: Locating Free Love Socialism in Aurora Leigh” in Women’s Literary Networks and Romanticism: “A Tribe of Authoresses“ Andrew O. Winkles and Angela Rehbein, eds….

Dr. Eric S. Hood specialize in cultural theory and British Romanticism, particularly British epic poetry in the 18th and 19th century. He is a Founding Editor at the Digital Mitford and a Core Faculty Member in the Digital Humanities at Michigan State University, where he teaches first-year writing.