MemberMarianna Lazar

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Japanology, Institute of Oriental Languages and Cultures at Karoli Gaspar University (Budapest, Hungary). Areas of research: ancient Japanese cultural history (particularly the Kofun-Asuka period), the tradition of the Four Gods-belief (四神思想) in East Asia, Japanese archaeology, ancient Korean & Japanese relations, etc. Currently teaching: Japanese cultural history, Japanese archaeology, Ancient Japanese-Korean relations, Japanese art history, Japanese language

MemberNadia Kanagawa

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Asian Studies and History at Furman University in Greenville, SC. My research explores what it meant to be a subject of the seventh- through ninth-century Japanese rulers through a study of their changing approaches to the incorporation, assimilation and configuration of immigrants and their descendants.

MemberPaula Curtis

I am a historian of premodern Japan and currently a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies at UCLA. My research focuses on metal caster organizations from the twelfth to sixteenth centuries and their relationships with elite institutions. I also work on documentary forgery production and socioeconomic networks during Japan’s late medieval period. I am interested in digital humanities and the use of digital tools to analyze premodern historical sources.

MemberFederico Scaroni

Dr. Federico Scaroni is an architect working on the relationship between the historical heritage and its contextualization with both society and environment evolution and particular expertise on the comparison between East Asian/Japanese and European/Italian contexts and related urban space perception. He is the founding member of Federico Scaroni Architectural Office, a design firm working on small and large-scale design with specific focus on renovation. He has participated in/and organized several international competitions, conferences and workshops in collaboration with Japanese, Italian and American institutions. His present research focuses on Japanese urban and rural modern ruins preservation as part of his study on historical heritage and its contextualization.