MemberDavid Reamer

…iety/Museums Alaska Conference, September 2017, Anchorage, AK.

Reamer, David. “A History of Fairview.” Fairview Community Council, February 2017, Anchorage, AK.

Reamer, David, and Pamela Bowers. “Jane Addams and the Missing ‘L’ Word” [poster]. Council on Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting, November 2016, Atlanta, GA.


David Reamer is an academic and public scholar interested in the intersections of social justice, history, and community construction.  

MemberJared Wark

Graduate student and philosopher most interested in the exploration of human love and sexuality, especially as it pertains to marriage and self-fulfillment. Other academic interests include the philosophical anthropology, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of language. Influences include Dietrich von Hildebrand, Karol Wojtyla, and Hans-Georg Gadamer, among others.

MemberMaya Higashi Wakana

I am interested in a microsociological, socio-psychological approach to the close reading of British and American literature. My basic claim is that some types of fiction reflect life’s constructed, that is, fictional quality. I am presently focusing on the phenomena of intimacies, taking up works by Jane Austen, Henry James, Edith Wharton, George Eliot, and Nathaniel Hawthorne to see how these authors depicted their protagonists as they generated, maintained and dissolved their intimacies with others.