MemberAnna Rubin

Trained attorney with management experience — organizing and overseeing a division of a state agency. Direct experience negotiating with international organizations, government offices, and private enterprises with focus on restitution of looted property. Proficient in both Spanish and Hebrew.

Specialties: Restitution negotiation, government and NGO liaison, international law, history, political science. 

MemberBashar H. Malkawi

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  Bashar H. Malkawi is Dean and Professor of Law at University of Sharjah. He received his S.J.D from American University, Washington College of Law, and LLM in International Trade Law from University of Arizona. His academic career has traversed both business and law schools, teaching a variety of business law courses in Jordan, UAE, Italy, and United States . His research agenda focuses on the role of the World Trade Organization, regional trade agreements, Arab economic integration, with specific projects examining Arab countries’ participation in the WTO dispute settlement mechanism, and business law (broadly conceived).       

MemberAlmas Khan

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As an intellectual historian, I analyze how modernism in American law and literature has shaped the quest for equal citizenship. Drawing on my Ph.D. in English and my J.D. with a focus on constitutional history, I interrogate how creative forms of legal dissent – ranging from judicial opinions to lyric poems – have sparked constitutional reimagination in the context of African American, working-class, and women’s experiences. My current book project, An Intellectual Reconstruction: American Legal Realism, Literary Realism, and the Formation of Citizenship, construes legal realism (a progenitor of critical race theory) and literary realism as a major post-Civil War movements connecting disciplinary critiques to equitist politics. I have additional interests in British literary modernism and postcolonial studies, having composed articles on Joseph Conrad’s and Virginia Woolf’s texts. My literary and legal scholarship has been published in several anthologies and journals, including Critical Insights: Social Justice and American Literature; Critical Insights: Inequality; Clio: A Journal of Literature, History, and the Philosophy of History; the Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry; and the Chicago Journal of International Law. Recent articles include “Black Lives Matter and Legal Reconstructions of Elegiac Forms” and “Applied Legal Storytelling: Toward a Stylistics of Embodiment.” I have also published widely on writing studies pedagogy through the lens of critical theory, drawing on extensive experiences teaching literature, law, and composition. My pedagogical scholarship has appeared in the Washburn Law JournalPerspectives: Teaching Legal Research & WritingThe Law Teacher, and the anthology Writing as a Way of Staying Human in a Time that Isn’t. When not immersed in literature, law, history, and philosophy, I explore modernist-inflected alternative music, fashion, interior design, landscapes, gardens, and other aesthetic phenomena suiting my fancy.

MemberTito Kunyuk

Am a Senior Resident Kadhi in the judiciary of the Republic of Kenya. I have academic interests in Religious Studies and in particular, Islamic Family Law as it relates with its application in contemporary Kenyan Society. I have further interests in the history and literatures of my Northern Kenya Turkana Community.

MemberChenxi Tang

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I am currently a professor of German at the University of California at Berkeley.

MemberMads Langballe Jensen

I am a historian of early modern political thought, working on topics from the German Reformation to the Early Enlightenment and from Denmark/Norway to the Coast of West Africa. I am particularly interested in how different theories of natural law were used to justify and legitimise interests in different religious, political, commercial and colonial conflicts in early modern history.   My first project was a contextual study of the political philosophy of the Wittenberg reformer Philipp Melanchthon and the first formulations of Protestant natural law theories. It investigated the different theories of natural law which Melanchthon developed and the purposes for which he applied (or didn’t apply) them in his political philosophical works. An early fruit of this project was an article on Melanchthon’s commentary on Aristotle’s Politics published in History of Political Thought.