DepositNormal Mysticism: An Interdisciplinary Study of Max Kadushin’s Rabbinic Hermeneutic

Max Kadushin (1895-1980) was a rabbi, professor, and preeminent figure in the history of American Conservative Jewish rabbinic thought. His hermeneutic system, which centers on the idea of organic religious value-concepts, has had a significant influence on the emerging Textual Reasoning movement … This interdisciplinary thesis presents Kadushin’s organic hermeneutic in a systematic way, assessing its relevance to the disciplines of philosophy and religious studies. In this thesis, I show that his system of thought rewards serious interdisciplinary study and raises far more general questions than those he specifically intended to address.

DepositGenre as Fictional Action

The arcticle is an interdisciplinary study between literary and rhetorical genre research. Its starting point is the well-deserved leading position held by Rhetorical Genre Studies (RGS). The article proposes a scholarly collaboration between Literary Studies and RGS and posits one possible starting point for this collaboration by utilizing Carolyn Miller´s central concept of “Genre as Social Action” as a way to analyze literary characters´ social actions within narratives through an interpretation of their uses of genre.

MemberAndrew Small

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