MemberMatthew F. Wickman

Interdisciplinary literary and cultural studies, including in disciplines outside the humanities (e.g., the sciences, mathematics, law, etc.); Scottish literary and intellectual history, 1707-the present; British literature of the long eighteenth century; Romanticism; modernism; critical and literary theory; the Enlightenment and its intellectual legacy; history and morphology of literary forms; literary and intellectual history; crime fiction

MemberLorena Gauthereau

I am a Chicana literary studies scholar who works at Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage (Recovery) at the University of Houston (UH). I received my Ph.D. in English, with a focus on Chicanx literature at Rice University. Currently, I am the Digital Programs Manager for the Mellon-supported US Latina/o Digital Humanities program. I teach interdisciplinary courses through the Center for Mexican American Studies.

MemberJulie Beth Napolin

I teach modernism, sound studies, and film & media at the New School. I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Price Lab for Digital Humanities at the University of Pennsylvania, working on a project titled, “The Sound of Yoknapatawpha: An Acoustic Ecology.” I am particularly interested in the history of sound technology, its entanglements with race, and what these can tell us about the novel as form.

MemberFolgert Karsdorp

I am a researcher at the Meertens Institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. My research is interdisciplinary, adopting computational methods to study the field of humanities, in particular folkloristics. My research interests lie in the development of computational text analysis methods in the context of ethnology, anthropology, literary theory and cultural evolution (see my résumé for further details). Drop me a line or follow me on Twitter or GitHub.

MemberSarah Potts

Sarah Potts is a PhD student in the Department of English at Michigan State University. She graduated from the University of Alabama with Bachelor’s degrees in both English and Spanish, along with a minor in Creative Writing. She earned a Master’s in English at Michigan State, completing a thesis entitled: “‘Simmering in a Family Cauldron”: Queer Modes of Kinship in Ivy Compton-Burnett.” She has taught a range of courses at MSU, including ENG 210: Foundations of Literary Study. Her research interests include British modernism, new modernist studies, women writers, and gender and sexuality studies. She is also in the process of completing an Interdisciplinary Graduate Specialization in Women and Gender.

MemberAndrew Small

French, poetry, literature, film, cinema, culture, francophonie, Saint-John Perse, Baudelaire, Montaigne, painting, comparative literature, interdisciplinary studies, Rembrandt, Dardenne, Malick, Braque, art book, Heidegger, Dante, literary theory, aesthetics, philosophy, American literature, American poetry, Hollywood, graphic arts, foreign language pedagogy, World English, 

MemberAnderson Araujo

I’m a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Critical Studies at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus. I earned a Ph.D. in English Literature from Western University, following my M.A. and H.B.A. from the University of Toronto.My fields of interest include Transatlantic Modernism, 20th-Century British & Irish literature, Interdisciplinary Studies, and the art, politics and history of the years between the world wars. In particular, my research considers how several major modernists took part in a widespread conversation about how to reinvent culture in Europe and North America in the early twentieth century. I’ve designed and taught a range of undergraduate and graduate courses in modern literature, poetics, literary theory, drama, composition, and popular culture.