MemberKatherine Hepworth

Dr Katherine Hepworth is a graphic design practitioner-researcher, currently employed as the Assistant Professor of Visual Journalism at The Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada Reno. She has over ten years professional experience as a graphic designer, focusing on information design and user experience for books and websites. Her current research interests are the relationship between visual communication and power, and visual communication effectiveness in higher education.

MemberCarly Finseth

Currently, my research is focused on the intersections of technical communication, rhetoric, gaming, and learning, with a specific focus on instructional design and usability. In general, the following areas are of interest:Pedagogy
+ Teaching writing
+ Learning and games
+ Multimodal pedagogy
+ Online education
+ Instructional design
+ Assessment Society, Culture, & Technology
+ Gaming, society, and culture
+ Online communities
+ Open source culture and technologies
+ Gender and society
+ New mediaTechnical Communication
+ Technical writing and editing
+ Usability
+ Information design
+ Publications management
+ Qualitative and mixed methods research

MemberKatherine E. Gossett

My research interests include digital humanities, open source design, new media theory & practice, user exeperience design and medieval rhetoric. (And yes, there is a logical connection between technology and medieval rhetoric!) I am also the associate editor for the journal Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. Before returning to graduate school I worked in the information technology sector as a project manager, interaction designer, systems designer, Y2K integration manager, web designer/architect, and technical communicator.

MemberShannon Mae Kelly

I am a third-year doctoral student in Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures. My concentration area is digital rhetoric pedagogies, and I incorporate podcasting, visual rhetoric, and document design into my writing classroom. I’m also interested in how institutions work and change, and I’m currently researching institutional change with trauma-informed methods and relationality. Lastly, as a former Writing Program Director, I’m excited about curriculum design and the role of mentorship in how learners learn to teach.

MemberAlexander Andrew Bell

Library & information professional experienced in further & higher education. With an inquisitive and socially minded nature, I support digital & information literacy, academic liaison, and the development of library services and learning technologies. A knowledgeable understanding of arts-based research also underpins my experience of engaging with artistic practice and creative education. I use social media and reflective blogging to demonstrate professional development, and keep up to date with research and innovations in academic libraries and the education sector.

MemberIrhamni Ali

Irhamni finished his bachelor in library and information science degree fromUniversity of Indonesia in 2005 and continuing to master program in Information Technology for Library at Computer Science Department of Bogor Agricultural University in 2011, his thesis titled Evaluation and egovernment design of legal product repository system as the implementation of deposit function at National Library of Indonesia. Currently work as a Chief of Library Program Analyst and Reporting Subdivision at the Strategic Planning Bureau National Library of Indonesia. He is active member of Indonesia Library Information Scholar Association, and also A Board of Director of APLiN (ASEAN Public  Library Information Network), currently active wrote on Indonesia library and information  scientific  magazine with author name Irhamni Ali.    

MemberCraig Eby

I’m the CTO for Cogniva Information Solutions. I’m currently responsible for ensuring the implementation of our vision for our flagship software product C3, along with our business modelling methodology. We have built a quality research network supporting this effort, including professors and graduate students from a number of disciplines, culminating in the creation of the Cogniva Information Research Institute (

My professional experience is a mix of pure research and the design and implementation of medium to large scale software solutions. My research has primarily dealt with integrating the mathematical representation of concepts and business processes to improve enterprise information management. I have a strong interest in a number of fields, including data science, text analytics, NLP, nonlinear dynamics, computational modelling, complex systems, graph theory and knowledge representation.