MemberKalpana Rahita Seshadri

My research areas are contemporary literature with an emphasis on Race and Animal Studies, and more broadly, analyses of power. My true love is for continental philosophy particularly phenomenology, Derrida, and contemporary critiques of bio-politics. Historical theories of colonialism and imperialism and the literature pertaining to British imperialism continue to provide, if not a foundation, certainly a disciplinary roof over my head.

MemberAlexander Meshcheryakov

Alexander Meshcheryakov is a Russian historian at the Astrakhan State University who studies the history of the border relations between China and Russia. He studies the processes of cross-border interactions, cultural hybridization and Frontier in the Far East. He pays special attention to the relations between Chinese and Russian ethnic groups during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. His another topic of research, based on the archive documents is an early history of grape growing and winemaking in Imperial Russia, bioprospecting of Imperial Russia, as well as of the formation of the Russian border in the Caspian Region.