MemberGavin Holman

…entually, in June 1998, became the Internet Bandsman’s Everything Within (IBEW)
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Researching vintage brass bands from the early 1800s to the mid-1900s. Their formation, histories, pictures, contesting, memorabilia, recordings, publications etc. All material is made available for all to access via the IBEW archive: I am collating primary and secondary material about the history of bands across the world. I recently completed the historical directory “Brass Bands of the British Isles”, with nearly 20,000 bands since 1800 (available, together with my other publications, from, and am currently working on an overseas version, which to date includes some 1,800 US bands. Various other works on brass band history and culture have been published, including the Brass Band Bibliography – a comprensive listing of published materials about the worlds of brass and military bands. Previously Head of IT Operations at the British Library, with expertise in computer management, digital libraries, archiving, project management and review.

Membernanna bonde thylstrup

I work on the politics of digitization, the uncertainty of big data and the epistemology of algorithms. I am currently writing a book for MIT Press on the politics of mass digitization. Currently, I am is affiliated with two major research projects at the University of Copenhagen. The first, Uncertain Archives, is a project that seeks to deploy and develop traditional and poststructuralist archival theories to big data environments, focusing in particular on questions of uncertainty, error, vulnerability and unknowns. The second, The Past’s Future, examines the role of cultural memory institutions in the digital age, paying special attention to issues related to colonialism, gender and new digital infrastructures.

MemberDarius von Guttner Sporzynski

Darius’s research and teaching concentrated on cultural aspects of religious warfare, crusading, military orders and identity. In the recent years his interests shifted towards global history as the result of being involved in interdisciplinary research and teaching subjects which examine history from a global perspective. He is particularly interested in the common patterns which emerged across all cultures, in aspects of world history which have drawn people together and the examinations of these patterns which reveal the diversity of the human experience. Darius has a strong research interest in education. In addition to the interest in curriculum (design and development, and policy implementation and evaluation), he researches the nexus between research orientated teaching and learning and the disparity between the methodology of teaching of a discipline like History at secondary and tertiary levels. After a decade of teaching outside metropolitan centers he is working collaboratively on the issues affecting education in regional settings, specifically on regional culturally, linguistically and economically diverse (CLED) communities of learning and the use of emerging technologies and the issues affecting funding for humanities.