MemberTimothy Luckritz Marquis

Pedagogy, communication, mobility I work in faculty development and instructional design with an emphasis on online and hybrid teaching and learning and intercultural engagement. I also teach Religious Studies, Christian origins, and ancient history. My research and writing explore ancient and modern itinerancy, ancient ethnicity and modern race, gender studies, and biopolitics.

MemberSarah Spring

I did my grad work at Texas A&M (whoop!), and I was hired by Winthrop University a few years ago to develop the writing program. In addition to my work with that program, my interests include composition, professional/technical writing, and new media. My current research focuses on an assessment of a hybrid course I’ve been teaching, and I was recently approached by a student to work on an independent study involving writing stories for video games.

MemberAlexander Meshcheryakov

…Meshcheryakov A. Yu., Antropov O. K. “Cultural Hybridity and Diaspora in the Context of the Chinese and American History (by the Example of the USA Chinatown Area)”, Manuscript, no. 6 (2020): 44-52.

Meshcheryakov A. Yu. “Frontier case of Russian engineer Chinese eastern railway: letters G. S. Moscovitin (1898-1901)”, Journal Frontier Studies, no. …

Alexander Meshcheryakov is a Russian historian at the Astrakhan State University who studies the history of the border relations between China and Russia. He studies the processes of cross-border interactions, cultural hybridization and Frontier in the Far East. He pays special attention to the relations between Chinese and Russian ethnic groups during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. His another topic of research, based on the archive documents is an early history of grape growing and winemaking in Imperial Russia, bioprospecting of Imperial Russia, as well as of the formation of the Russian border in the Caspian Region.

MemberRory Solomon (he/him)

I’m an Assistant Professor in the Department of Culture & Media at Eugene Lang College, The New School, and current Director of the Code as a Liberal Art program. My research looks at mesh networks, wireless digital technologies, and other media infrastructures like ham and citizens’ band radio. My teaching is centered around critical computer science in a liberal arts context, critical making, and 20th century media history. I mostly teach hybrid theory/practice courses while striving to break down the theory/practice binary.