MemberLeigh Bonds

As Ohio State’s Digital Humanities Librarian, I support the campus digital humanities network, consulting with faculty and graduate students on research and curricula, collaborating on projects, and coordinating learning opportunities for digital methods and tools. I publish on DH librarianship practices and on the celebrated British Romantic writer Mary Robinson, and I apply digital humanities methods to textual scholarship in my research.

MemberPeter Johan Lor

Semi-retired after a career as librarian, researcher,  library director and library school professor.  Current research focuses on international and comparative librarianship, with an emphasis on research method and on the ethical and political economic aspects of international information relations. Recent publications on libraries in the political process, libraries and peace, and libraries in a post-truth environment.   

MemberDemmy Verbeke

As Head of KU Leuven Libraries Artes, I am responsible for collections and services for the Arts and Humanities. As a member of the management team with primary responsibilities for research, I also contribute to the strategic development and operational management of KU Leuven Libraries as a whole. In this context, I particularly focus on scholarly communication, open science and digital scholarship. I was trained as a (Neo-)Latinist, focusing on Renaissance humanism in the Low Countries and England, the classical tradition, and the history of the book. Ever since I became a librarian my research and teaching have centered around the role of academic libraries in scholarly communication, open science and digital scholarship within the humanities. I am a strong believer in Fair Open Access and serve on the editorial board of the Open Library of Humanities and the Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication.

MemberBrea Henson

Brea (Breanne) Henson is the Administrative Specialist for the Public services Division of University of North Texas Libraries. Ms. Henson assists librarians by assessment, event, instruction, and research support. Current projects that she is assisting with include an annotated bibliography on Liaison Pedagogy with Julie Leuzinger; The UNT Libraries Information Fluency Initiative Curriculum Mapping Project with Greg Hardin; Management Workshop Series for Public Services Librarians with Mary Ann Venner. She is currently working on an extensive research project, titled “Moving Toward a Praxis of Zen Librarianship: Expanding Librarianship with Mindfulness.” She presented a poster on this topic at the 2017 Texas Library Association Conference. She also continues research on Irish mythology and Celtic spirituality; pagan decadence in weird and Gothic literature; and theories related to linguistic othering, power, violence. Her aim is a humanities faculty-librarian position in the next few years.

Deposit“Between Knowledge and Metaknowledge: Shifting Disciplinary Borders in Digital Humanities and Library and Information Studies”

The emergence of the digital humanities in specialized disciplines and librarianship alike necessitates a recalibration of the balance of knowledge and what Julia Flanders calls “metaknowledge.” DH in the disciplines has brought discussion of metaknowledge – data structures, archival and editorial standards, digital curation and representation – into the graduate education of disciplinary specialists. Here, I argue that a similar toward toward specialized disciplinary knowledge is of critical importance for the DH education of LIS students.

MemberLynne Stahl

I currently work as a bilingual access services assistant at Multnomah County Library’s Gregory Heights branch and am pursuing my MLS through Emporia State University, where I also serves as a graduate research assistant. My research interests include feminist film studies–particularly at the intersections of gender, race, sexuality, and affect–cultural studies, critical librarianship, and the digital humanities.

MemberKatherine Walter

Katherine L. Walter, Professor and Chair of Digital Initiatives & Special Collections in the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL) Libraries, is a founding director of the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at UNL. Walter has led many federally-funded research and libraries’ projects, including ones such as the U.S. Newspaper Program: Nebraska, the National Digital Newspaper Program: Nebraska and the Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Online. With Ken Price, she co-directed the CFW Coker Award-winning project to create an integrated guide to Walt Whitman’s poetry manuscripts. Walter has served on the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations Steering Committee, hosted DH2013, and co-chaired the international executive council of centerNet, which represents digital humanities centers around the world. Currently, Walter represents CDRH@UNL on the Humanities Without Walls Consortium.