MemberNeil Gregor

I am Professor of Modern European History at the University of Southampton, G.B., where I have worked since 1994.   My research has ranged widely over the business, social, and cultural history of the twentieth century; at its core is the project of thinking through the place of the Third Reich in the longer history of Germany and Europe’s twentieth century and, in particular, of embedding histories of the Holocaust in wider narratives of modern German and European history.  My most recent project focusses on the cultural history of art music in C20th Germany, in connection with which I am writing a book on the institution of the symphony concert in Nazi Germany.

MemberAnna Rubin

Trained attorney with management experience — organizing and overseeing a division of a state agency. Direct experience negotiating with international organizations, government offices, and private enterprises with focus on restitution of looted property. Proficient in both Spanish and Hebrew.

Specialties: Restitution negotiation, government and NGO liaison, international law, history, political science. 

MemberShirli Gilbert

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