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The History Research Libraries Committee (HRLC) is a UK-based group that brings together everyone with an interest or involvement in history research collections, including librarians, archivists, museum staff and others. Formerly the Committee of London Research Libraries in History (CLRLH), it provides a forum for exchange, networking and collaboration between libraries and other organisations with history collections in the UK. It holds three committee meetings a year and is involved in the organisation of special events to promote history collections, including the annual event History Day.

MemberRebecca Haidt

18th-19th C cultures, literatures; comparative studies; gender, sexuality; material culture; cultural history; Spain; Spain-Cuba and Spain-North Africa 18th-19th centuries; convict transport history; labor history and history of women’s work; fashion and costume history; Madrid; Iberian studies; Enlightenment; book history; translation; media studies; popular culture; popular theatre; prose fiction; European literary history; history of ideas.

MemberJennifer Hart

…International Society for the Scholarship on Teaching and Learning

International Society for the Scholarship on Teaching and Learning in History

Ghana Studies Association

Urban History Association

Society for the History of Technology…
…Associate Professor of History…
…B.A. (International Studies, Philosophy) – Denison University (2005)

M.A. (History) – Indiana University (2007)

PhD (African History, African Studies, Comparative Colonial History) – Indiana University (2011)…

Jennifer Hart is an Associate Professor at Wayne State University, where she teaches courses in African History, World History, Digital Humanities, Digital History, History Communication, and the History of Technology.  Her research explores the intersection of histories of labor, technology, and urban space in Accra, Ghana.  She is the North American President of the International Society for the Scholarship on Teaching and Learning and History.

MemberFrancis Young

…Catholic Record Society

Royal Historical Society

Suffolk Records Society

Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History

Societas Magica

Society for Editors and Proofreaders

Society of Authors…
…PhD History University of Cambridge 2014

MA Classics University of Wales Lampeter 2011

PGCE Religious Education University of Cambridge 2004

BA Philosophy University of Cambridge 2002…
…ime in Medieval and Early Modern England (I. B. Tauris, 2017)

Peterborough Folklore (Lasse Press, 2017)

The Abbey of Bury St Edmunds: History, Legacy and Discovery (Lasse Press, 2016)

A History of Exorcism in Catholic Christianity (Palgrave MacMillan, 2016)

The Gages …

I am a historian specialising in church history and popular religion. My specialisms include post-Reformation English Catholicism, all aspects of the church history of the East Anglian region, the history of exorcism and the history of magic.

MemberDeborah Dubald

hold a PhD in History and Civilisation from the European University Institute, Florence (2019) with my thesis Capital Nature: a History of French Municipal Museums of Natural History, 1795-1870. My doctoral thesis was awarded the 2020 James Kaye Memorial Prize for the Best Thesis in History and Visuality. In September 2020, I started working as a Research and Teaching Fellow in the History of Science (ATER) in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Strasbourg. From 2018 to 2020 I taught Modern European History at the University of Lille. My research deals with practices and cultures of natural history in the nineteenth century, with a focus on museums and collections of natural history; scientific practices; the production of scientific space. I am generally interested in the history of the relation between nature and the human societies. My current research interest is about the use of scientific and natural history collections in environmental history. I am also working at the publication of my thesis.

MemberLincoln Mullen

…American Historical Association

American Society of Church History

Conference on Faith and History…
…Associate professor, Department of History and Art History…
…lical Quotations in U.S. Newspapers (Stanford University Press, forthcoming)

Mapping Early American Elections (Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, in progress)

Computational Historical Thinking: With Applications in R (in progress)…
…PhD in history, Brandeis University, 2014…
…The Chance of Salvation: A History of Conversion in America (Harvard University Press, 2017).


I am a historian of American religious history and nineteenth-century United States history, often working with computational and spatial methods. I am an associate professor in the Department of History and Art History at George Mason University, where I teach digital history, American religious history, and the nineteenth-century United States. I am also affiliated faculty at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media.

MemberAaron Marrs

Ph.D. in History, University of South Carolina (May 2006)
M.A. in Public History, University of South Carolina (May 2002)
M.A. in Library and Information Science, University of South Carolina (May 2002)
B.A. cum laude in History, Lawrence University (June 1999)

Co-author, with William B. McAllister, Joshua Botts, and Peter Cozzens, Toward “Thorough, Accurate, and Reliable”: A History of the Foreign Relations of the United States Series (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 2015)
Co-editor, Foreign Rela…

I am a historian with a particular interest in the nineteenth-century American South, the history of technology (especially transportation), race relations, the history of time, and the history of consumerism.