MemberLaura Bruno

…2009-2013 BA’s at the University of Bologna in Foreign Languages and Literatures (German and Dutch)

2013-2016 MA’s at the University of Pisa (110 cum laude) in Historical Linguistics with a thesis in Germanic Philology

2017-2021 PhD candidate in Linguistics at Ghent University…

I am a PhD candidate at Ghent University, Belgium. I have a background in historical linguistics and Germanic Philology and I am currently working on dative experiencers in Old Frisian in a historical and comparative perspective.

MemberMartin Konvička

I am currently working on my PhD in linguistics at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. In my research, I focus on grammar theory, obligatoriness, grammaticalisation and other related language change processes. Moreover, I am also interested in the applications of evolution theory in linguistics, history of linguistic thought, and translation studies. I have taught undergraduate courses on English and German historical linguistics, introduction to linguistics, semantics, pragmatics, and Sprachbund phenomena.