MemberLaura Bruno

…2009-2013 BA’s at the University of Bologna in Foreign Languages and Literatures (German and Dutch)

2013-2016 MA’s at the University of Pisa (110 cum laude) in Historical Linguistics with a thesis in Germanic Philology

2017-2021 PhD candidate in Linguistics at Ghent University…

I am a PhD candidate at Ghent University, Belgium. I have a background in historical linguistics and Germanic Philology and I am currently working on dative experiencers in Old Frisian in a historical and comparative perspective.

MemberTodd Krause

Older Slavic languages, Old Russian, Old Church Slavonic, Older Germanic languages, Old Norse, Gothic, Old English, Tocharian, Classical Armenian, Historical linguistics, Sanskrit, Pali, Middle Indic languages, Palaeography, Romance Linguistics, Latin, Spanish, Classical Greek, Physics

MemberManuel Ferreiro

His research activity encompasses areas within Historical Linguistics (including the publication of a two-volume Historical Grammar of Galician, 1995-97), and Textual Criticism, specifically in relation to medieval Galician-Portuguese troubadour poetry texts. He is currently working on the project Cantigas d’Amigo: An online critical edition.

MemberMartin Konvička

I am currently working on my PhD in linguistics at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. In my research, I focus on grammar theory, obligatoriness, grammaticalisation and other related language change processes. Moreover, I am also interested in the applications of evolution theory in linguistics, history of linguistic thought, and translation studies. I have taught undergraduate courses on English and German historical linguistics, introduction to linguistics, semantics, pragmatics, and Sprachbund phenomena.

MemberDavid Wilton

David Wilton is a lecturer in the Department of English at Texas A&M University. His research interests are in Old and Middle English language and literature, cognitive approaches to literature, historical linguistics, and the history of the English language. He is the long-time editor of the website.