MemberCathy Corbett

I am a PhD candidate at the Courtauld Institute, researching the work of Ossip Zadkine. The working title for my thesis is: “A Russian sculptor abroad: Ossip Zadkine and his works in wood, 1908 – 1940.” I am interested in early twentieth-century sculpture in Britain, France and Russia, the education of sculptors in all three countries, late nineteenth- century sculptural influences, and the importance of the Arts and Crafts movement in Britain and Russia. I have also done research on the reception of modernist sculpture in London and Paris in the first decade of the twentieth century.  

MemberHenry Johnson

My primary field of research is the study of people making music. My research outputs mainly have a social focus, with much work crossing other disciplinary fields (e.g., Asian Studies, Japanese Studies, Island Studies, Diaspora Studies, Performance Studies and Cultural Studies). The ethnographic component of my research methods includes original field research in diverse contexts, including Japan, small island cultures (e.g., Japanese small islands, and the Channel Islands), and New Zealand.