MemberJocelyn Wright

…University of Texas, Austin, TX.                                         August 2012-Present

Ph.D. Candidate in French Studies

Dissertation: “Beur, Blanc, Black: The Banlieue Talks Back in Novels, Films and Graphic Novels”

Dissertation Co-Chairs: Hervé Picherit (French) and Benjamin Brower (History)

Rice University, Houston, TX.                                        August 2007-May 2011

BA in French Studies and History

Senior Honors Thesis: “Changing Attitudes Towards Mosque Construction i…

Specialist in 20th and 21st Century French and Francophone Literatures My dissertation, “Beur, Blanc, Black: The Banlieue Talks Back in Novels, Films, and Graphic Novels,” examines representations of the French banlieue in autobiographical and autofictive novels, films, and graphic novels published between 1999 and 2015 and produced by persons who grew up in the banlieue. With an eye to the specificity of each medium, I analyze how the authors leverage the unique creative possibilities of each medium to challenge the mythology of the cité as an urban ghetto.