MemberLanie Millar

Forms of Disappointment. Cuban and Angolan Narrative After the Cold War. SUNY Press, 2019.

Guest Edited Journal Issue:
Cuba and the Global South. The Global South 13.1 (Spring, 2019 [2020]).

Refereed Journal Articles and Book Chapters:
“Nicolás Guillén and Poesia Negra de Expressão Portuguesa (1953).” Transatlantic Studies. Iberia, Latin America, Africa. Edited Cecilia Enjuto Rangel, Sebastiaan Faber, Pedro García Caro, and Robert Newcomb. Liverpool Uni…

I am a scholar of Caribbean, Lusophone African, and Latin American Literatures in Spanish and Portuguese.  I work especially with Global South studies, postcolonial studies, and critical race studies, narrative and cinema.

MemberJennifer Wicke

19th, 20th, 21st century literatures; global studies; modernism and modernity studies; colonial/postcolonial/Empire studies; the novel; film, media, new media studies; critical and political theory; aesthetics and philosophy; queer and feminist theory; visual culture; the Global South; critical geography; Global Wests, American West; eco-critical studies and activism; precarity, labor, poverty, class; mass culture, TV studies; classics; the epic; Irish literature and culture; contemporary global fiction; science; mysticism.