MemberLaini Kavaloski

…s.”MLA Approaches to Teaching Jewish-American Literature. Edited by Roberta Rosenberg and Rachel Rubenstein. New York: Modern Language   Association, forthcoming 2018.

“Digital Literary Experiences: Place-based Game Design in University Courses,” 12 mss pp. in Pioneers in Digital Teaching Practices. Pittsburgh: Carnegie Mellon Press, forthcoming, 2016.

“Contested Spaces in Graphic Narrative: Refiguring Intersecting Homel…

Digital media poetics, twentieth and twenty-first century American literature, critical security studies, digital game design, transnational American Studies, diaspora, graphic narratives

MemberEric Stein

Eric Stein (he/him) is a game development instructor at Trinity Western University. His research bridges literature and gaming, applying phenomenological, hermeneutic, and deconstructive methods to the interpretation of interactive texts. He is also a practicing game designer, primarily working in the independent tabletop roleplaying space. His design work implements philosophical, political, and theological concepts in gamic form, bringing together theory and play for social, story-driven tabletop role-playing experiences.

MemberCarly Finseth

Currently, my research is focused on the intersections of technical communication, rhetoric, gaming, and learning, with a specific focus on instructional design and usability. In general, the following areas are of interest:Pedagogy
+ Teaching writing
+ Learning and games
+ Multimodal pedagogy
+ Online education
+ Instructional design
+ Assessment Society, Culture, & Technology
+ Gaming, society, and culture
+ Online communities
+ Open source culture and technologies
+ Gender and society
+ New mediaTechnical Communication
+ Technical writing and editing
+ Usability
+ Information design
+ Publications management
+ Qualitative and mixed methods research

MemberBrittni Ballard

(she/her) I’m a a critical, feminist teaching librarian who actively pursues open pedagogy as a student advocate. Game-based learning, specifically gamification and serious games, grounded in constructivism and self-determination theory guide my practice. I received her Master of Library and Information Science from University of Maryland (UMD), College Park and her Bachelor of Arts in Secondary English Education from Purdue University. My professional interests are intertwined with my oldest sibling identity, board and video games passion, and rural Midwesterner experiences. Specifically, I strive to promote curiosity by play, celebrate failures through design thinking, center students in participatory design, and foster inclusivity with cultural humility. Learn on, game long, and prosper!

MemberWilliam Siebold

My professional focus is on the application of principles of design thinking to human-centered processes, exploring and applying best practices in design thinking in these areas:1) developing the creative portfolio of professional designers, working with designers from diverse domains, including animation, game art design, web design and development, programming, digital film and sustainable design.2). the academic environment, in student success and retention efforts, the development of curricula, student experience, and cultivating a community of achievement.3). developing strategies and implementing process in organization, department and project operations, policies and outcomes.